You are a bad neighborhood — eliminate your influence on your water

If, in spite of all your efforts, your cell hydration hasn’t gone up, I need to suspect that you, unintentionally, de-energize your water… that your presence lowers vibration, makes water incoherent.

I remember when someone was told this same things, with slightly different words… They told him that the grass doesn’t grow where he treads.

If your water isn’t responding to the Water Energizer energy as expected, or one moment it is energized/coherent, the next it isn’t… more often than not it an the environmental issue. Thunderstorms, Noreaster, you or some other people getting access to your house bringing down the vibration of the water.

I found out a few years ago that the simple Source energy, the Energizer, is vulnerable to Fourth Plane, man made energies. 1 Continue reading “You are a bad neighborhood — eliminate your influence on your water”

Vibrational Review: Muse – the brain sensing headband… a meditation device, Ariel Garten and Jordan Peterson

The idea for the Muse came from Ariel Garten, personal vibration 120, a Canadian entrepreneur… curiously deserving a Wikipedia entry, while Dr. Joel Wallach hasn’t. Ugh. Continue reading “Vibrational Review: Muse – the brain sensing headband… a meditation device, Ariel Garten and Jordan Peterson”

Cannot get from A to B? It’s not your fault! It’s the memes

Minerva and chocolate cake proofWhen people speak about beliefs that they want to get rid of, let’s say, belief about money, abundance, they always think that there are some personal beliefs there, that they are discreet, and that they can get rid of them.

Back in my times when I was doing Fourth Plane energies, “designer energies”, one of the moves I had is to make my hand sticky, and pull beliefs, also called thought forms, from myself and from clients.

It was a long process. Hard on the muscles… Continue reading “Cannot get from A to B? It’s not your fault! It’s the memes”

Your two brains… have you been trying to be a creator with the first?

kelli-in-the-rawYesterday I got a request to review Kelli in the raw (Kelli Coffee Sessions – Kelli In The Raw TV)

She is quite charismatic, and looks and acts different than most of the people who are duping people. I went and experienced one of her youtube sessions… an “activation” session.

She generates and moves energy around with her hands, and talks. The energies felt very strong, very unpleasant, in the upper chest and the throat (greed).

Not Source energy. She taps into a “plane”, a reservoir of human imagination created energies. I have heard this plane called the Fourth Plane… gods, angels, spirits belong there. And evil.

Her, Kelli’s vibration is 170. She uses the 18 spiritual capacities she was born with. (World average is between five and six spiritual capacities).

Watch her video… on the next page

Download the pdf version of this article at the end of the article
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I offered to muscle test your favorite teachers and gurus

spiritual gurusWhere is the world of famous teachers and gurus with regards to causing spirituality in the world?

I sent out an email to my subscribers yesterday, offering them a rare opportunity to have their favorite teachers’ vibrations measured.

Judging from the number of requests where the requester could have found my reading on my site, I got, that doing work, any work, is not what people do, they want something to get… without work.

I suspected that was the case, but now I am sure.

Why does this matter? Because to raise your consciousness, to raise your vibration, to live a life without the misery you now experience, you need to do work, and a lot of work at that…
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Vibrational Reviews: Raymon Grace: Energizing Your Water, Kute Blackson, And On Emptiness That Fills Your Core, And How Do The Activators Work

raymon grace water dvdVibrational Reviews: Raymon Grace: energizing your water, Kute Blackson, and the emptiness that fills your core

Yesterday I received a DVD of Raymon Grace (personal vibration: 170) from one of the students, so I can test it.

Raymon Grace

Now, I hate to admit, I am not sure what to make of what I experienced.

I put a pitcher of water in front of the monitor, as instructed. The water’s vibration was 190… it was already purified. Then I poured out of the pitcher about 1/4 glass into a glass and held it high.
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Energy vampires: how it works and how I fell victim to one myself

energy vampireSome people thrive on your energy. If you have no tools to measure, you don’t even know.

The people that attach themselves to you to drain your energy into themselves are normally your family or close friends.

I had a client whose father was draining her life force for years when I first checked her. She was in worse shape than the father. Although I removed the attachment every time we spoke, she stayed living with her parents. She got sicker and weaker by the day, she was sacrificing her life for her 80 year old dad’s. I refused to cooperate.

Another client came to me with an attachment that had been there for years. He went shrinking, complaining of ringing ears… I removed the attachment, but he went out and looked for other women to attach themselves to him. He had no courage to live his live as a fully responsible adult. This way he had an excuse.

My downstairs neighbor, a male, was using his girl friend’s energy. I watched the girl wither. I sent her energy without her knowing it, and finally she moved out and away to have her own life and keep her own energy. The guy promptly went out to look for another victim.

Energy-Vampire-ExamplesFor the past week I have been feeling off. My balance has been off, my energy has been off. I didn’t think of measuring my vibration, but a “student” tested his muscle-testing prowess on me, and it turned out that my vibration dropped 33 points: huge. I was mortified, really I still am.

As you know, muscle-testing is tricky: you can’t just ask any question, the question needs to be clear and have a yes/no answer. So you are left to your imagination and intuition: the better questions you ask the surer that you’ll get an answer.
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Are all energies healing energies? Or transformative energies? What about Reiki? Omega Shakti System?

the triple helix energies
Are all energies healing energies? Or transformative 1 energies?
Before I realized that I can talk to Source and Source will answer, I learned two energy modalities.

One was an energy modality called, and you can still get attuned

The founder died a few years ago. I knew him personally, he spent a few days with us (my then boy-friend and myself) in Syracuse, NY.

I was first exposed to those energies inside the Omega Shakti System 12 years ago, then I bought quite a few of those energies.

omega shakti system energies don't do what they say they do You don’t really buy the energies, you buy the right to use them, and how you can use them is that you get attuned.

In my humble opinion, the whole attunement is a scam, a way for people to sell something. Attunement also comes witht he story that

  1. Only a designated teacher can attune you
  2. If you reveal the technique to an non-initiate (meaning someone who didn’t pay for the attunement) you’ll lose the energy.
  3. In the Omega Shakti System the threat was even more severe: it said that the whole “matrix” of energies get weakened by your betrayal of this secrecy.

This is much similar to what Maharishi did: he has 8 mantras, and you pay for the privilege to have your own “designated, perfect fit” mantra, and you pay 1200 dollars: at the time I bought it that was my entire monthly income. What a scam!

I bought quite a few of the Omega Energies. They are supposed to be transformative and healing. I didn’t have any way at the time to check if the claims are true. But I had my doubt: the originator was wretched to the max, both physically and other ways.

His emotional maturity was at the level of a teenager, his behavior: ditto. He was riddled with diseases, and died quite prematurely.

My then boy friend was an emotional wreck as well, a self-medicating addict. That should tell you something.

helix temple academy energies: a bunch of fourth plane scam I loved wielding those energies: they were strong, and they were very definite. But when I muscle tested it today, they didn’t do much. Light show, fireworks, show and tell.

There was one energy that actually did some of what it claimed it would do: the pattern puller… But I came to learn that it pretty much did it only for me: I did it with all my conscious awareness, and not just as a mechanical exercise.

It’s quite time consuming, but it seems to loosen your stuck way of being, pride, self-centeredness, negativity, hopelessness, tendency to give up, etc. Pretty much the same stuff the Bach Flower Energies® (the energies of the Bach Flower Remedies) deal with no work, so I haven’t don’t any of it. But muscle test says that it works, if you have the conscious awareness and purity of thought. Which means that only one out of a thousand can make it work.


Where do those energies come from?

I need to tell you the tale of creation, so hang on for a second.

In the beginning there was just one undifferentiated energy, the one we call Source. It could create with its own thought, it was an intelligent energy.
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Curses, Attachments, Dark Side, The Evil Eye

curses, evil eye, dark side, attachments Curses, Attachments, Dark Side, The Evil Eye: Desire for the self alone

It’s nearly six months that I haven’t written anything about this topic. On a certain day, sometime in July, I think, the Dark Side got eliminated.

For a few months life was sweet (for me) but then the Dark Side started to rebuild itself.

The Dark Side is made of the “Desire for the self alone,” and I want to relate to the three “moves” that grows the Dark Side, and possibly sends you over to the Dark Side.

  1. The first one is curses. Curses are not 4-letter words, they are a wish expressed in words, uttered or not, that direct bodily harm to another.Some cultures have more affinity to Dark Side than others. The culture I was born into, Hungarian, has a huge affinity to the Dark Side. People habitually wish each other dead, limbs lost, fortunes lost, etc. Other cultures, like American, are really tame in comparison. I used to be a typical Hungarian in this regard, I used the words dead, death, kill many times a day. I took after my mother: she was like that.
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Helicopter Ride, Turning Crap To Gold, Why Are You Following A Certain Guru

Helicopter Ride: a phone conversation I had on June 24, just about the time when I developed the first activators… Very interesting reading.

it's all about the vantage point I have been wondering what makes someone pick a certain guru, what capacity, what characteristics… This is the transcript of an audio of a conversation I had with Anna, my brainstorming buddy… Listening to it is like going on a scenic helicopter ride… Enjoy.

Topics of the conversation: cone of vision, helicopter ride, small tires, skinny and beautiful. I want to be like you… I want what you have!

I just had one of the most intriguing conversations with my friend, Anna.

One of the things I love about Anna is that she always delivers the results I need, even when she is off.

Yesterday she suggested that I put up my articles on youtube… and I had a troubling question about that.

What is it that people are attracted to when they follow a guru?

That is what this article is about.

I have edited the transcript to easier to read, edited out the hm’s but left curse words in. I hope it will make more sense…

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