Activate your divinity… restore your Self to wholeness

Things happen… They happen when you are young, and when you are little, a little boy or a little girl, every happening is very very very significant, and everything that happens seems to say something about you, and about your chances to make it… to live, to be well, to be loved, appreciated, considered valuable, etc.

You seem to be completely at the effect of everything and everyone, with a very limited number of moves of your own… you can cry, you can refuse to eat, you can talk, but they all seem to be ineffective: you have no power.

Then you grow up, and things still happen to you. And you still the effect… not the cause of any of it, or not much of it.

You are reduced to the one who can talk about it, but not the one who caused it, or can even contemplate causing anything.

And that is the typical, 99.99% reality for people on the planet. Continue reading “Activate your divinity… restore your Self to wholeness”