Getting to clear. Getting to whole and complete.

Why are you miserable… why do you pretend to be happy?

Good question, isn’t it? Both parts…

My answer is the same to both questions… both parts.

It is the shoulds.

They are everywhere. Society, family, partner, government, religion, everyone we come in contact with place a should on us… and we take it, even if we don’t like it.

When we are born, life is big, and our playing ground is huge.

Then come the no’s and the do or else’s…

And with every no and with every “do or else” the playing ground where we are free to do what we want to do gets smaller and smaller.

When I look at people, they are pretty much restricted to a life the size of a playpen. Area where they are free to be themselves, area where they can be curious, area where they can do what they want to do. Continue reading “Getting to clear. Getting to whole and complete.”

Will you break for freedom?

eagle breaks for freedom…Or will you complain that “they” don’t allow you to be free? That you can’t…

Most mornings I get up when I wake up. But today, I got up to pee, weighed myself, and went back to bed. Something told me I have some thinking to do that would be impossible if I went about my day as usual.

So I went back to bed and allowed myself to see what wanted to be seen… I chose to surrender and see what Life wants. The trick is to feel the difference between the forceful “I want this” and the gentle “Life wants this” tugs. The most significant difference is the force… the second: I don’t remember wanting this… lol. So what Life wants is different from all the things I want. In a way, what Life wants doesn’t make sense.

What makes sense isn’t from Life. What makes sense isn’t true. What makes sense is not from the here and now: it is from the Tree of Knowledge. Continue reading “Will you break for freedom?”

Being free to be yourself… feeling free to be yourself…

Being free to be yourself… feeling free to be yourself… The two are not the same, depending on your current level of consciousness, and your current level of WORD to being, one will work, and not the other.

I, for example, don’t feel free. I am free. It doesn’t feel anything…

No feeling. Just doing what I need to do, feeling nothing in the way… blockage, resistance, reluctance, or fear.

I am free to be myself, free to express what I want to express the way I feel it’s the most effective, effortless and natural.

I curse, I sing-song, I laugh, I dramatize… I do what I deem effective at expressing what I want to express. I am fully and unabashedly with the people I am with, minutely tracking where they are at, where their listening is at, so I can be effective at being together. I have no rules, no morals, no niceness… If I am talking to you, I’ll be fully with you because that is the only way to talk to someone… all other ways are pretense, and I have no reason to pretend. Continue reading “Being free to be yourself… feeling free to be yourself…”

Give up liberties so you can have true freedom… or how fighting the strings on your puppet self create a life of unhappiness

Do you ever wonder why in spite of all your good qualities, nice acts, maybe even achievements, your vibration is low, maybe even very low?

Everyone hopes that their good acts redeem bad acts, but when we look at vibration: this is not what we find.

You cannot and should not ignore how reality works… so let’s look.

Your vibration is almost always lower than you think.

I have started to watch TV shows on the computer recently again, after months of just reading. Continue reading “Give up liberties so you can have true freedom… or how fighting the strings on your puppet self create a life of unhappiness”