See ME. Not a thing… ME as a person!

I see you as a personSee me as a person. See me for what’s great in me, and have room for what isn’t…

Secretly we all want to be acknowledged for what WE feel is great about us… not what YOU think is. But because we, humans, don’t see who others are… we only see who we are… we never feel seen, we never feel acknowledged for what we feel is good about us.

I remember some 10 years ago I was in a week long training camp in Central Florida with some 40 people.

At some point the leader introduced the idea that you are seen, you are heard. We even got gifted a small framed mirror that had on the frame written ‘I see you!’

I remember crying… because that is not my experience, but it was what I hoped that one day I would be seen. Continue reading “See ME. Not a thing… ME as a person!”

This dude is calling me a liar… Where would we look?

At first, like anyone I know would, I felt slighted. Misunderstood.

Then I looked if I was really a liar… giving him the benefit of doubt… I desperately wanted to respond to his comment… but I knew I was reacting.

Then I put it aside… and this morning, as I was playing Freecell, I pondered about it. It is important to mention that I did that while I played Freecell… because mainly it is in Freecell where I noticed, distinctly and clearly, the behavioral change I mention in my comment. Continue reading “This dude is calling me a liar… Where would we look?”

Public answer to a question I didn’t answer in my recent office hours

Office hours… a blissful two way conversation… NOT.ALWAYS!

Yesterday a one-time student came on the call, and asked a question that imitated me. Or better said: I got irritated.

When a question lacks context, the answer either going to be totally unrelated… or not forthcoming.

I have a coach who doesn’t demand that the questioner sets the stage, shows the big picture, inside which the question makes sense. He guesses and quickly answers, I can feel, from whatever he made up… not what the real question would be.


So my irritation was mainly due to considering the question a setup, to make me look foolish. Continue reading “Public answer to a question I didn’t answer in my recent office hours”

There are no jumps in reality, other than death, or other tragedies

90% of the people on my mailing list are buyers. so if you are reading this, chances are, 90% that you have bought something from me before. So you are considered a buyer.

One of my teachers is a guy who teaches doing business entirely through emailing. He has a rabid ‘tribe’, people who buy nearly everything he offers. Most of his stuff is pricey, some very pricey.

When he offers something for $20… it makes him more money than I make in a year.

So this morning I looked how I could get more people buy a $20 product myself…

So I started a conversation with my Future Self. Continue reading “There are no jumps in reality, other than death, or other tragedies”

From Que Sera Sera, a meandering path to no regrets

I left Hungary 37 years ago. And yet, when I hum, half of the songs are Hungarian, from before I left there.

I trust that when a song pops into my head, it is some kind of guidance. So when the song that was somehow related to the Counter-revolution in 1956, Que sera sera sung in Hungarian, when that song popped into my mind, I said to myself: pay attention. What is it saying?

I was nine years old at the time, and I was puzzled why the song would be put on the black list… I still can’t see why.

I am doing a little research on google. Continue reading “From Que Sera Sera, a meandering path to no regrets”