What is genius? You probably think it’s brilliance…

intuitionI have a love-hate relationship with my intuition.

The common myth is that intuition is a good thing, it will tell you what to do so you can win in life.

I have a bone to pick with that notion…

Intuition, more often than not, takes you to places you don’t want to go… Mind you, if you want to be true to yourself, if you want to know yourself, you have to… but you really don’t want to… Continue reading “What is genius? You probably think it’s brilliance…”

The process of becoming a genius… It is a process

If you looked, you would notice that you want to do things out of order…

…for example: fix something that you don’t understand what it is, you just KNOW that it’s wrong. Put the cart in front of the horse. Never bother to find the cause… the real cause of anything… the laws of nature.

You may be doing all the steps that can produce the results you want, but what happens if and when you are doing them out of order? Or you don’t give enough time to each step to perform its magic, out of greed or hunger or impatience?

You’ll lose time… you’ll lose money… and you’ll lose your faith. Continue reading “The process of becoming a genius… It is a process”