Bridging… how to inch your way to your dreams

As a rule, I don't have many marker feelings in a day.

A marker feeling is a feeling associated with a set of words... like "you are stupid" and then you feel bad.
Or "you are making a mistake" and you feel fear.

This morning I wanted to work on my presentation on tomorrow's webinar: the remarkable system of getting to a life worth living... or whatever i called it in the email...

So, as it is totally normal, not a single cell of mine wants to do that work. It's normal.

Doing something new, doing something public, upsets the ess... it's not comfortable... it is not what I normally do day in and day out.

Now, if the work were to write an article... none of this would happen. But the webinar format is different... I cannot pause and think between sentences like when I write an article. It has to flow... and there is a fear... A fear of mucking it up. A fear of losing some subscribers. A fear of losing face. A fear of looking bad.

Normal. Not pleasant. Continue reading "Bridging… how to inch your way to your dreams"