Coaching that gets results vs. coaching that sounds good

Being a coach sounds easy to you if you have no idea what they are doing, because you have never done it.

You just do what everyone else does, and hope for the best.

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Taking you where Life wants you to go … Updated because it is important

This article distinguishes the most important thing you need to know about growing.

Without growing you are dying. Every minute of every day.

Survival is dying.

The purpose of life is living…. not dying.

Most people I know are either stuck or are coasting… They are going noplace… fast or slow… it is unsatisfying and yet… starting to move in the direction Life wants you to go, or even where you want to go is near impossible… Just look at most people…

This article will reveal a secret… the secret of taking your life where Life wants you to go.

I have been clear that Life wants each of us to go someplace… not necessarily physical, not necessarily to a life-purpose, and yet it is a place. A non-physical place.

When I ask myself where Life wants me to go, after the almost immediate fear-reflex, I feel that I am where Life wants me to be. Doing what Life wants me to do. Afraid that I am not going to succeed.

But then again, Life is not a life-coach who talks you to death with goal setting, and specific, measurable results, and milestones, and bold audacious actions…

Thank god, because if it came to goal setting, I would be a slacker…
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Updated: How to go from lazy, procrastinating never do well to someone who gets things done? This also applies to raising your vibration…

I found this article today… I wrote it 18 months ago.

Of course at the time I had no idea that there are spiritual capacities, that they are encoded in the DNA, that they can be turned on, that I can turn them on… none of that.

So the article is a little outdated, and yet… many of the principles apply, they are timeless. Good reading.

One of the typical mistakes I see comes from the “culture” of instant, quick, magic buttons, magic bullets.

The idea that if you can imagine it you can do it.

It’s not true, or it is not that simple.

We all understand that things take time to get up to speed, your car, an airplane, your computer, but we don’t think that the same rule applies to us. We actually really think, really hope, that someone can touch us, a holy man or woman, and we will be healed, and throw away our cane, walker, and run away dancing, laughing, victorious.

This is what the fake gurus (i.e. the associates of the Dark Side) want us to believe.

But why are they selling us a bill of goods if it is not true? The answer is simple: because what they sell matches your desire, that’s why you will buy it.
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How we end up marrying the wrong people

Prince Charles, Prince of Wales with his fiance Lady Diana SI am against marriage.

Anyone who is FOR the Original Design has to be against marriage. Marriage is a contract. It is a legal institution mandating that you don’t change, that you don’t seek your own path, that you enslave yourself to the other, to the shared.

Until this past Wednesday I believed that it’s society that wants you to be enslaved, that wants you to forgo 1 your individuality, your chance of a life as a Human Being, but a conversation with a student introduced me to an aspect I wasn’t aware of: the HUSBAND. And probably the WIFE in many cases.

In the conversation with this student I was introduced to marriage as ownership. Yeah I have seen it in movies. Yeah… but movies are movies… and the reality of this aspect of marriage didn’t hit me with full force until it was right there for me to see as a formidable opponent in me guiding my student to become an Expanding Human Being

Marriage is all about power

Marriage is all about power. Not personal power, political power… where politics is a term for “power over another”, or “power over others.” The stripping of others from their rights to be Human Beings… and reducing them to bumbling idiots, slaves, serfs, have not’s, lesser beings.

Politics is using another person for your own gratification, for your own “rise”, for your own benefit, without giving them value for value, equal rights.
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