Trivedi Effect or Placebo Effect?

tr. effect or placebo effect? My Birthday, Tr., Gopal, The Placebo Effect, ADD, American Women… What a Day!

It was my birthday today. I turned 64. The Beatles song… ‘When I’m Sixty Four’ was humming in my head all day. It was fun. I had people call and sing happy birthday, one guy came and I had a cheese cake and candles, and my name on the cake… it was fabulous.

I was also on the Monthly Enhancement Program by Tr. tonight. If you don’t know Tr., he is an Indian guru doing energy transmissions, I have written about him twice already.

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Phase One Case Study: Keith the Photographer

This is a Phase One Case Study. Phase One of the Planetary Ascension. Phase One was worldwide and every person on the Planet got it. The highest vibration Phase One can take you is 299.

Some people who previously got to a high vibration by using Dark Side energies also got the activation and as a result their vibration dropped to a lower number. Tr. is like that, his vibration is now 395 compared to the 600 it used to be. On the other hand, when I got the activation, my vibration jumped by 30, from 665 to 695. And Master Gopal’s vibration went from 605 to 615.

Phase One started on July 24 with 4 people.

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Dark Side Revealed. Can It Be Defeated? Ever?

Dark Side

Dark Side is a reality. I am gaining insights little by little, it is not like I can learn much about its motives: Dark Side doesn’t reveal its purpose, doesn’t reveal its strategies, moves, means of enslavement and assimilation, you can put the picture together, like a jigsaw puzzle, afterwards.

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Day 1-5 of Activation of All Humans on The Planet

activation of your Original Design Project: Full Activation of All Humans on Planet Earth
Phase 1
Target vibrational frequency: 299
Standard vibrational frequency before the activation: 151

From my journal:

Sunday morning I called N. in desperation. I felt alone, I felt desperation and hopelessness. It didn’t seem possible to cause a planetary shift even if I prepared a network powerful enough to support millions of people participating in it, at any one time.

As I was sharing with N. it occurred to me that maybe I have been looking in the wrong direction. Maybe I have already had the way.

I tested it on her, and by God it worked. She is the first person to ever experience full activation of the Original Design. Suitably she got really ill… darkness won’t give up easily.

I repeated the process with 3 more friends of mine, and at 10:30 pm I did it with myself.

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Tr. Foundation: Follow Up

man hit by lightening tr. foundation Vibrational Review:

One of my commitments to you, is to give you a complete and thorough picture on the state of self-actualization/raising your vibration, self-improvement industry, as truthfully, as honestly as I possibly can. One of the tools I have in my arsenal is muscle testing (kinesiology), and another one is my principle in life: Question Everything. Especially when I have a vested interest in being right… lol

To be able to deliver the truth about Tr.’s programs, I signed up to his monthly enhancement program. One energy submission per month, fifty dollars a pop. Not a bad deal — if it delivers…

Delivers what?
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