Are you intelligent enough to use this tool to change your life?

There is a tool that you could put in your tool box, and get out of tough spots, conquer every issue, and become a happy, wealthy, fulfilled person... It's asking different questions... to see different paths.

But neither you, nor myself have been trained in it, so we keep on asking the same questions and end up with the same miserable life...

How do you develop the capacity to ask intelligent questions that also alter your reality?

Yesterday I had a long conversation with one of my students. I suddenly had an insight into soul correction, that had been hidden from my view before.

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Abundance Or Scarcity? Choose… Updated

water doesn't exist for the fishThis article is from 2014...

Often anything can kick you into the horizontal plane 1 . I got kicked into it... and now I am working my way off... it is not that easy. I can't even connect to muscle test... the horizontal plane is sticky. It wants you, all of you. I eats your life for breakfast.

Let me explain: Humanity (you!) lives on the horizontal plane at this stage of evolution. It is both the starting point and the end state...

On the horizontal plane everything is about comparison. More, better, different...

The good old days...
I want what they have, because I don't have it... and I want it.
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Not all complaints are created equal plus a funny story to wake you up

wake-up-dudeThis article may be the most important article you'll ever read... This is not an exaggeration. Any day is a good day to wake up, but around these weeks of greed and herdlike stomping to get more stuff, it is especially a good time. So, as you understand, this is a wake up article...

We all say we hate complainers. And we all complain.

But is there any form of complaint that is not a downer, that is not a racket, that is a good thing?

I like to watch entire series of television shows on Netflix. If I don't like it, I just start another one. No commercials, no TV needed, easy.

I watched Foyle's War, a British series, and I was encouraged: well written, well played. So I started to watch a Swedish series, Wallander. Five stars... must be good.
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How a collage is a diagnostic tool


the field of admirer-admired collage"What does it matter how many lovers you have if none of them gives you the universe?" French psychoanalyst Jacques Lacan posed that question. I invite you to put it at the top of your list of hot topics to meditate on. In doing so, I trust you won't use it as an excuse to disparage your companions for their inadequacies. Rather, I hope it will mobilize you to supercharge your intimate alliances; to deepen your awareness of the synergistic beauty you could create together; to heighten your ability to be given the universe by those whose fates are interwoven with yours.

In the current live course, from Upset to Communication we have come to the last of the four non-elevated fields of communication, Admirer-admired. My horoscope, above, for the coming week reflects that.

One of my students has already sent me her collage. It has given me a glimpse into her internal conversations that is deeper than I have ever seen... and I have known her for almost six years now.

Collages, where you go through pictures in magazines, or memes on the internet, are the best way to reveal to yourself your relationship, opinion, attitude about the world, about others, about yourself, about effort, ambition, etc.

Making collages has two parts:
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There is no such thing as enlightenment…

There is no such thing as enlightenment. There is moving to and living on the Tree of Life, raising your vibration, but enlightenment: it is a concept to dupe the gullible to strive for enlightenment, believe in instant salvation, and to give up personal growth and learning... all OK on the Tree of Knowledge.

Our civilization, the Tree of Knowledge culture is full of ideas that are just simply not true, but keep you running in place forever, craving, longing, yearning, and never attaining what you yearn for.

I could say that I am a myth buster, but being a myth buster is like being a revolutionary: just stirring up dirt, bringing the bottom to top is not useful: all the revolutions in the world resulted in more of the same.

So that path is not for me.

I prefer to go for the Original Design... going back 7,000 years, going back to the Tree of Life way of living and thinking.

Life comes to people without a manual. In many ways bibles, the Gita, the Koran, scriptures could be manuals to some aspects of life, but they are so full of mysticism, and bull, that they are useless except for the most astute... and their number is in the tens in the world, not even in the hundreds. I know only of one...
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The genius path to become a person with a Self

human success: living life on the tree of lifeBeing successful as a human

When you look at people, you notice that there are two different ways to be successful:

1. worldly success... and
2. successful as in well rounded, fulfilled, joyful, and loving life.

The two don't happen in the same person too often.

There are notable exceptions. Einstein was one of the exceptions. 1

Your vibration is a lot more correlated with the human success score than with worldly success score: fame, money, notoriety.

Obviously I train people in human success first, and worldly success second... and I have chosen, for myself, the same.

Why? Because no worldly success compensates for wretchedness.

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How we spend our days is of course how we spend our lives…

I am reading a book, The One Thing. Tai recommended it, so I had been resisting.

But like most of the books Tai recommends, it does have a kernel of gold... Maybe more than one kernel.

One of these is what he says about will power. Quite fascinating and very useful.

He says, that just like glycogen, brain food for thinking, will power uses energy, food, and can be depleted.

I don't have to rely on will power, because about a year ago I started to reorganize my life to habitually do the things that serve me, and remove the opportunities for doing things that don't serve me.

It did take will power to establish the habits, but I did it one at a time, and one at a time it was easier to see that the new habits served me. Continue reading "How we spend our days is of course how we spend our lives…"


New insight:

As you may have noticed, one of the spiritual capacities that can raise your vibration is willingness.

But I am a lot more interested in unwillingness... because no amount of desire to be willing will counter unwillingness in its many forms, with its many causes.

One of the reasons for unwillingness to be so ubiquitous, is that it is counter intuitive.

When I say "intuition" I don't mean real intuition. I mean that if you live on the Tree of Knowledge, then what is intuitive to you is what makes sense... on the Tree of Knowledge.

And about 70% that makes sense on the Tree of Knowledge is actually useless, untrue, falsehood, and damaging.

Being willing does not make sense on the Tree of Knowledge. What makes sense is to resist. Continue reading "Unwillingness"

What is the dynamics of hate? What is the real cause of hate?

I know, I know. All you positive thinkers don't even want to accept that there is hate. Because you so hate negativity, right? From joking aside, listen up.

If you want love, you need to be intimately familiar with hate. If you want peace you need to be intimately familiar with hate. If you want good: you need to know evil more than the evil person.

You won't get tainted. It doesn't stick. Nothing that is not yours will stick to you.

But if you hate covering it up with sticky sweetness... this article will help you see the dynamic, and stop it at its root.

So, here it goes:

From time to time, some incident triggers me to get bummed out. I don't even have to be present... I can just think it... lol.

Yesterday I measured a person who had an attachment. I removed the attachment, because I was already connected to her. Her vibration jumped to 260. The highest vibration of a person ever coming to me. Continue reading "What is the dynamics of hate? What is the real cause of hate?"

Soul Correction: Building Bridges Updated

Building Bridges

Update 4/4/17: New insight: Building Bridges (BB) is quite slothful by nature... I am changing the picture to an actual bridge... because it is a more apt illustration: you want to get to the other side, and you need to do a ton of work to get there... and you have no skills... but to build skills you also have to build a bridge between the thought and the action that builds skills... So most Building Bridges never actually do anything. The only BB I have ever seen do something is a guy who has undertook reading... and following that method, he is now adding skills to his toolbox. He may amount to much.

So what is the trick?

I recommended that he starts reading not worrying if he understands, or if he enjoys it. He trusted me and started to read that way. After a while comprehension imperceptibly grew, and now he enjoys reading.

Once a BB experiences how learning a skill works, they grow wings.

It takes a lot of skills to build a bridge, but each bridge is the same: you have to start with no visible results plus faith. Faith that the investment will work out, even though they can't see it.

Without this a BB will just live randomly, thrown about like a dry leaf, never amounting to anything.

Download the pdf version of this article at the end of the article
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