Why you don’t love yourself

Out of integrity, lying, coveting, envy, vengeance, hate can be compared to indigestion

Lying etc. is like indigestion.

In indigestion you give the body something to eat that the body cannot use as food. Either because it is not really food, or because it is beyond the body’s ability to use it all as food.

The body makes you feel discomfort. Surprisingly this discomfort feels a lot like hunger. Exactly the opposite of what would work… I think it is our interpretation of the signal that is at fault. We seem to interpret everything as a signal to eat, to consume, to get more and more and more. Of everything.

And this is where the similarity shines most.

When you lie, betray, cheat, harm, etc. and you know that you do, you need to pile up the sh*t… you need to lie more, betray more, cheat more, harm more.

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Does what you know about eating serve you well?

I wrote about skill building yesterday.

One of the skills you need to build is to eat right.

The information out there is faulty.

Just like the person who commented on my site this morning, people, who are clueless, misguided, delusional, have as much right to post on the internet as people with legitimate knowledge. And they do… in droves.

It is as if you went to a school where the teachers were volunteers from all walks of life, and you can’t tell the difference between what they teach and what is so.

A lot like church. If you say it fervently enough, it must be true.
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Keep your enemies close… with friends like this who needs enemies?

enemiesI am reading all the books by Michael Connelly.

I had read about 20 before getting to the last few I have on my kindle… these books stirred up something in me…

Suddenly, in these last few books, there is an unexpected twist: the last three novels have a similar element, not quite there, or maybe even missing from the previous ones: a friend or colleague is turning against friend or colleague…
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When you love yourself, you love your life…

when you love yourself you love your lifeYou find yourself not sleeping well, eating the wrong thing, not taking care of yourself… Maybe you are getting signs of depression… Maybe you are procrastinating…

How can you restore yourself to wellness? You don’t even know why you are not able to take care of yourself…

Your integrity is out… your sensitive conscience will not let you be well until you set things right.

We do things, little or big, that hurt others, hurt us. And then we expect to have a great life. Not possible.

But certain symptoms start happening. You can’t concentrate, or you can’t sleep well, peacefully. Or you don’t do what you know you must, you procrastinate.

To get out of the deep hole you inequities put you, you need to start taking small steps to restore your integrity, to restore your wholeness.

You can’t love yourself, when your integrity is out, and you can’t love your life when you don’t love yourself.

It is a downward spiral like the tread of the screw, every turn of the screw takes you deeper and deeper into the mire.
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