What made me happy, happy enough to want to live

If, and when you manage to get out from behind your own eyeballs, you make someone happy… what just happened?

I have been alive for 75 years. I have experienced being made happy, made proud, only a few times.

What makes anyone happy is when what they do is acknowledged as useful. When they find that they were instrumental is someone else’s success, or happiness.

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Happiness? Unhappiness? What is underneath of it all?

happiness unhappinessI am going to go off on the Bach energy Vine… yet again. Are you unhappy yet?

But before I do that, let me bore you a little more… and do a little vocabulary lesson.

If you get it, your chances for happiness increase ten-fold. If you don’t… ahem… you know what will happen.

The word occur or occurrence… is misused in the English language… It does NOT mean: happen. Happen is another word…

Occur means: present itself TO someone.

Lots of things can happen, but a lot fewer occur… i.e. the tree falling in the forest happens, but it only occurs if there is an observer. Continue reading “Happiness? Unhappiness? What is underneath of it all?”

Self-love, self-hate… let’s dig deep on these, shall we?

self-hateIntegrity is an inside job. It is between you and yourself.

Everyone has two selves, one that is perfect, and the other that is flawed.

The perfect one is generous, loving, unconditionally. It is compassionate.

The flawed one KNOWS, i.e. assumes that it is judged, looked down upon, and is full of hatred, anger, fear, anxiety, rebellion, and expects to be loved and accepted the way it is… and even though is loved, and accepted… it can only feel its own emotions.

This is so with every emotion. You can’t feel the love that is coming towards you. You can only feel the love that you feel for the other, Your love. Your anger. Your hate.

So no matter how much the perfect self loves the flawed self, the flawed self will feel judged… hated, despised, etc.

I have been observing my clients and my students, and there is one common characteristic that only varies in intensity: and that is self-hate… and stinginess towards self… as in punishing the self for not being perfect. Continue reading “Self-love, self-hate… let’s dig deep on these, shall we?”

Most of life is counterintuitive. Maybe all…

Most of life is counterintuitive. Maybe all… but I shy away from all, always, every kind of statements… they are always suspect of an ideology…

So how is life counterintuitive?

Here are a few examples:

  • If you want to get something done fast, the worst way to go about it is to hurry. It either takes the same time, but cost you emotional expenditure you can’t afford, or it takes a whole longer.
  • The more coffee (or tea) you drink because you are tired the more tired you become.
  • The higher your moods are the deeper your depression will become.
  • The more important praise is for you the more wounding a bad feedback will feel.
  • The more you want to be happy to less happy you’ll become.
  • If you want to be happy, and say: I will have a little about-me time, or more than a little… you immediately less happy.
  • In fact, the more your life is about you or about your life, the unhappier you become.

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How to fall in love with yourself… and why

Why? Why would you want to love yourself?

When you love yourself: you love your life. And that is the closest we know to be a happy person.

And you want to be happy, right? It feels like your birthright. Even though I can’t specifically point at anyone who is happy… it IS your birthright. Continue reading “How to fall in love with yourself… and why”

I am past my expiration date.

I am past my expiration date.

I am not alone. If I wanted to be cruel, most people living on this planet are.

The moment you stop contributing to the planet, your expiration date is in the past. And if we look closely, that means 50% of all living humans…

Younger people may not have come to age where they can contribute, etc.

And even though from Life’s point of view, this is the hard fact, that unless you are contributing, you are just taking… Using up what you didn’t contribute to creating. Continue reading “I am past my expiration date.”

Transcendence is going beyond right and wrong…

What is real? What is made up? How can you tell?

HAPPINESS is a function of accepting what is
LOVE is a function of communication
HEALTH is a function of participation
SELF-EXPRESSION is a function of responsibility
~Werner Erhard

Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? But, to begin with the phrase “a function of” is slimy… because it doesn’t say it does that… not at all.

So in my work with a bunch of normal people, ordinary people, neither smart, nor stupid, neither diligent nor too lazy, neither brave, nor too cowardly, blah blah blah… I am proving that what Werner Erhard said is largely b.s.

The truth value of Werner’s famous statements is 10%…

Just like 99.5% everything you read on the Internet. That means only one thing out of 200 things, book, article, meme, quote, video, etc. has a truth value higher than 10%.

But 10% truth value means: 90% hogwash. Mistaken, misguided, narrow cone of vision, wearing blinders, or outright lie.

    • The Old Testament: truth value: 30%
    • The New Testament: truth value: 3%

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The tyranny of the pursuit of happiness. What you pursue…

More books are sold on happiness than maybe even on dieting… especially because 98% diet books’ hidden attraction is happiness.

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Why is meaning missing from your life? A meaningless life means you are unhappy

My methodology to lead you to become a human being is simple, and step by step.

First you become conscious of the machine and start taking control over your own life… by the Amish Horse Training Method, The memes finding, The A is A. And then fourth and final step is finding/creating the wind you walk into… The purpose. The meaning.

In the Nazi concentration camps, people who had a meaning to their lives, survived, people who didn’t… died. The guy who I learned this from is Victor Frankl, an Austrian Jew, like Sigmund Freud, and not much less significant. In my experience his discovery is the golden key to a happy existence. Continue reading “Why is meaning missing from your life? A meaningless life means you are unhappy”