How the Harmonize The Planet audio also zaps your anxiety

Being here and now has been a favorite topic of all the fake gurus.

What is a guru? A guru is a person who can teach. I said teach, I didn’t say TALK!

All the gurus I know are big talkers.

What is the difference between talking and teaching? On one hand, you can see the results of teaching: if the student is able to be what is being taught, in the domain of being, then teaching and learning took place.

Knowing about something is not real knowledge, it is talking. Just like talking about flying isn’t flying, talking about love isn’t love…

What makes someone able to learn being? After all, when you communicate (talk) being, it is taken up by the mind, and the mind isn’t interested in being, isn’t able to create being. Especially the mind isn’t interested in you being in the here and now.

Many teachers and courses try to bridge from the mind to the being… Affirmations, inauthenticity exercises, psychodrama, inventing a possibility, the solutions that don’t work well can fill a library.

Hypnosis, noise-treatment, light, sound, smell… visualization, psycho this and psycho that.

All have the same shortcomings: unless being is distinguished on a level beyond the mind, there is no learning, no alteration will happen in being.

Some teachings have a little piece here and there that are useful, but there is no system that has ever been successful. Not in the past 2,000 years, or maybe 3,500 years.

In the Path To Enlightenment Course I am attempting to teach what has never been taught: the art of being in the moment.

Now, a few words about that: you can’t teach being straight, directly. The only way to teach being is to distinguish all the wrong ways of being… Just like you can throw a dart and be off the bull’s eye, in being you can be off target in a million and one ways, and not hit the target being.

But so far, I have found, 3-4 different ways to be off-target that can be distinguished and taught, and there are a few indicators that you are off that even you can sense, feel, or see. The mind won’t be useful here…

One of the indicators is anxiety. Anxiety is easy to recognize, even though different people feel anxiety at different parts of their body, anxiety is so widespread, so ubiquitous, that I don’t have to spend much time identifying it with you.
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The Path to Enlightenment: Enlightenment is an internal affair

I love movies where human beings seem to be endowed with supernatural capabilities. They are fun, and they give hope to people. For me they show the possibility of being a human being, shows me what’s possible, what kind of being is possible for human beings.

Hope in those supernatural beings, like in all saviors, allows humanity to be wretched, to buy time, to live below its potential, to live in hate, to live in pretense, to live in unreality, to never have to take responsibility for who we are and how we are.

Supernatural means: beyond what is natural. Mostly being able to control the physical reality… turning crap to gold, and such.

To confuse humanity, the System, science, religion, education, has declared a lot of natural capabilities of humans supernatural.

Being an empath is natural: no physical aspect to it: it is all inside. Being a clairvoyant, etc. is natural. Being an energy healer, having hunches, is natural.

Raising the dead, being a fire-bender, a water-bender, etc. isn’t. Not really, or not the way it is depicted in movies.

Although I love these fantasy movies as much (or more) as the next person, I don’t take them literally. I consider that the capacities these super-duper natural human beings (did you notice that I didn’t write supernatural!) demonstrate innate in all humans, and these capacities can be activated above a certain level of consciousness.

Your level of consciousness shows how close your life is to what is natural, the Original Design: being in the here and now, without ego.

Your level of consciousness is a result, on one level, of you taking full responsibility for where you are, what you are, what you know, and how you know it. And on another level, your willingness to practice living in harmony and in sync with the Universe, with existence, with how it is.

Most people that think they live in sync, are pretenders. Or totally unconscious. Or they don’t know what they are talking about.

Living in harmony is also an inside job, an inner affair.
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Path To Enlightenment: If You Wanted To Make One Resolution: I Recommend Eliminating Drama

Drama is a human phenomenon. Animals, trees, don’t know drama. Nature doesn’t know drama. Existence doesn’t know drama.

Drama is the result of ego-mind.

If you closed your eyes, and managed, for a moment, pulling your attention back from the future, and pulling your attention back from the past, you would get to a space, I call existence. Existence is not part of the time/space continuum, existence is part of the beyond.

You’ll notice that you didn’t have to go to it, you only had to leave the unreality of the past and the unreality of the future.

There is a movie trick where suddenly the darkness, the drama, the danger, the night is replaced with flowering trees, birds singing, and yet, there is a silence.

One of the best examples, and maybe the shortest, is the video on meditation below. Observe how the drama, high drama, turns into the most beautiful scene of serenity… It is possible for you.

All thoughts come from the unreality. The past and the future.

Thoughts come from the ego-mind.

Mind is a storage device, much like the hard drive of a computer. Most of the stuff there is garbage. Stored away, unexamined. Everything and their opposite is there. It is slow, clunky, by the time it reacts you missed the now moment.
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