How to Be the Type of Person Everyone Wants to Know

Here is an article that has truth in it, but not the whole truth. The article is a typical psychological take on a human condition… and is incomplete.

Here is an example of what a 7% truth value is, and what is missing to make it acceptable… and no, a 7% truth value is not acceptable.

I am going to attempt to add some of my own discoveries… to bring it up to a higher, hopefully much higher level of truth value

First: read the article. I felt horrible reading it, because it made me feel bad about myself. Not many people consider me good company… so I definitely don’t qualify to being the type of person everyone wants to know.

At the same time my fixed mindset is only 7%… so what’s going on?

I’ll explain after the article… but first read it, OK? Continue reading “How to Be the Type of Person Everyone Wants to Know”