Delusions, Lies, Pretenses, Obesity — what is the cause?

Most people think that they are honest people. Some people know that they lie about this and that.

What they don’t know is that they live on the top of a huge iceberg of lies, delusions, pretenses, but they can only see the tip of the iceberg… unless.

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New post on the healing blog about fructose… and what it can do to your teeth, your throat, your voice, your esophagus

fructose rashI had this insight in that theta brain state in the morning when I was about to wake up…

I have been struggling with acid reflux. It started about three weeks ago when I started to enjoy some jam on my toast again in the morning.

I forgot why I’d stopped using anything that has fruit in it… the fructose! duh.

But then, in this half dream half awake state, the insights came.

I have a client who can only whisper, because his vocal cord got damaged…
And there is this other client who has a tumor in his throat…

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Two new posts on my healing blog

In this article I write about my healing practice, how I get healing from doing healing, and how I make sure that I obey energy’s desire to move. I also mention two healing case studies on my Healing Blog.

I’ll be 67 next week, so being well, getting better is a frequent thought. Working on myself is an activity I don’t find pleasure in… but luckily, as an empath, my hands on healing modality is healing by proxy, so when I work on a client I work on myself as well.

One of the things I seem to need regularly is liver flushing. Why? I don’t know, I don’t care, I only car that it gets done. But, and it is strange to me too, all the energies get stronger when there are recipients, so cleansing my own liver takes a lot more effort, than cleansing someone else’s and get my own done in the process.

So I strive to have at least one steady client at any one time, even if it is not a paid client.
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New healing articles on my healing blog… please check them out. Liver cleanse and more

Some of my students are very excited about what I teach in the Self-Healing course. They are really excited about being able to do their own healing, and prevention.

Don’t be mistaken, you can do a lot more with energies than with medication, or even dietary and lifestyle changes.

For example, at this moment in time, I don’t know of any other effective method of ridding your body of heavy metals and other chemicals, or to cleanse your liver and your pancreas. 1
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Who Has The Power?

Who Has The Power?

I had this deep deep, who knows where it came from feeling, from the time I was conscious of my thoughts, that the problem with the world is that people’s power is kept away from them.

When I observed people, I saw that they had very little control over what they did on any given day.

It seemed that their day was scripted, and most of what they did, I would not choose to do.

In my family, for example, it seemed scripted to wait for my mother to come home, bring groceries, cook them while we were hanging out, eat and then watch TV.

On Sundays we would go out to eat, often, or eat at home, but go out for dessert.

I was born with an imperfect digestive system, maybe because I was a preemie, was born with a two-pound body weight, less than a loaf of bread, a bottle of milk, tiny.

Then my mother refused to feed me by holding me to her breath, though I did get pumped breast milk…

I had colic, I vomited, I was an overall pain in my mother’s but. I weighed under normal weight till I was 9~10… I ate only when I was hungry, and I was not hungry for meals. I picked in my food, picking out a particular thing, like the peas, and left the rest.

I also spent a lot of time alone, contemplating. I haven’t changed a bit, though returning to my eating that way has been a challenge: after all even I got socialized in my 65 years.

My recollection of my first conscious thought of humans being enslaved was around age 9. The school system added religious education to the curriculum, but I was exempted, because I was Jewish. There were a bunch of Jewish kids in the class, but I refused to participate in religious education.

Just like an innate knowing prevented me from eating what was bad for me, an innate knowing prevented me from being programmed to be a bio-robot, a slave, a serf.

The exact thought I had was this: I think that the religion serves one main purpose: that people are too busy doing what they are supposed to do so they don’t have any time to look and think of what they want to do.

And that is true for every area of life, not only religion. You are supposed to do what everybody else is doing.

When I was in Israel, I saw this even clearer: every minute of every day is scripted and commanded for Jewish people, and I would not have any of that.

I knew that someone somehow benefited from people not having time to think, or just be, but I didn’t quite know who, and how, and why…

When on that fateful night, sitting on the stone steps in front of the Western Wall of the Second Temple in Jerusalem, I asked the Creator to reveal itself and it did… I was not the only person on that huge square: there was an Orthodox person swaying back and forth by the wall.

I knew that he had never experienced directly talking to the Creator: instead he was “praying”, reading some prescribed words in Hebrew: none of your own thoughts, none of your own words, none of that.

I have tons of experienced of “secular” churches and schools doing the same thing: Landmark Education, Peak Potentials, all the Internet Marketing gurus: keep them busy so they don’t have time to think.

The internet, cell phones, email, text messages, youtube, all designed to keep you busy so you can’t think, can’t contemplate.

But why would you want to think? Right?

When I look at my students, 99.99% not thinking, I look how come I turned out to be a thinker.
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Breakthrough In HOE (Heaven on Earth) Bach Flower Energies Delivery

I had a breakthrough in the delivery method of the Heaven on Earth.

I am testing it, and sending out a few samples to test by students.

Read more about it on my healing blog,

I will post the test results in this same post, so check back in about a week.