Emotional detox?

Before you can go up, you need to go down! Just like in building a house. Because unless you clear off the “stuff” and then dig deep to know what’s under the top soil, your house will be warped and collapse in a hurry, often while you are building it.

For most of you this is really bad news, because you are hellbent on staying phony happy, phony loving, phony well… delusionally high self-esteem-ed, and you are unwilling to even look at what is real. But what’s real is real, and if you ignore it it will bite you in the a-s-s. No compassion, no looking, just continuing what isn’t working, and never will work is stupid… Here, I said it. Stupid. Continue reading “Emotional detox?”

Healing Crisis, Healing Events

HealingCrisis1We suppress our emotions. Many of us don’t even breathe: we can’t because our chest isn’t willing to move any more, because we have put so much toxins into our muscles.

Suppressing is toxic. 1 The opposite of suppressing is not “full expression” as it is in vogue to say, meaning becoming a raving maniac, the opposite of suppressing is allowing, feeling, being “with” it=being well while you are feeling bad..
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Unusual Healing Modalities

mms and other offbeat healing modalitiesThe Cleansing event went well. The energy was reasonably strong, and the feedback is that people felt the energy, felt their hands warm up, felt the nausea, so it showed people that something was happening.

Some people wrote to me that they are afraid to attend because they can’t afford to get the healing crisis in the middle of the week. I understand. I made sure that the duration of the energy in each position was really short.

The next call is on Monday, and I am wondering what will happen afterwards.

I am not particularly committed to the path of healer. Why? Because people that are interested in healers, or healing, are mostly people that have physical issues, and they want to fix them.

I like to be on the side of health, on the side of life, on the side of power.

I am not interested in fixing anything: Every solution is the beginning of a much bigger problem. This has been the story of life on earth… remember, the Holocaust was the Final Solution…

Regardless, let me impart some of the “solutions” I have met in the recent years, that I have tested, and at least for a while, found useful.

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When Creativity Is Not Flowing… How Did I Unstuck Myself From a Rut?

 I haven’t written much, haven’t produced much of anything of creative nature on this site for a few weeks now.

What’s my insight?

I mean, it is becoming obvious that I am in a rut.

I am the unstuck specialist so let’s take this “rut” apart, tear it to pieces, so we can choose an effective unstuck method.

Like any “operation” for change, this needs to start with assessing the situation and diagnosis.

Of course when I diagnose it in my head, it goes real fast, but for the sake of teaching something, I’ll do it step by step, so when you get to any situation needing a “surgery” you can do it on your own.

So: what is the fact? I don’t feel like writing, I have no desire, no creative juices, I just want to be left alone. (lol)

What are the circumstances?

Dark Side attacks, 24/7, weekends a little lighter. (I am grateful for these attacks. I learned how to become a blade of grass and not to resist, and I have also learned to energize my water in 3 seconds, instead of the long process I had before the attacks intensified.)

I made a strategic mistake on the site: now there is no income, so I need to see local clients, which takes time, marketing, and very tiring. (The good news is that I have a good reputation, so I can pay my bills, no matter what.)

Dark Side attacks effected my sites: I have been forced to make changes on the site, and now finally am moving them to a stand-alone server. Let’s hope that this will solve the issue. This will be done this week. (This, by itself will free up 20-30 hours a week, or more)

Google has put my site on blacklist and hasn’t been showing it in search results. As a result I am not even motivated to do my writing: no one is coming to read… (Exaggeration!)

My health is suffering as a result of the Dark Side attacks. (I am coping)

I have started a fermented food diet, which is quite involved. I have also been dealing with healing crisis after healing crisis… a lot of good has accumulated in my over the decades. (It’s ok, in spite of a batch or beets going bad on me…)

Anything else? No, that’s it. Though next week the landlord will start making repairs in my apartment… that will be a distraction.
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Activation and the aftermath – What To Expect After The Activation of The Original Design?

activation of the nadis... all of them.

Activation of the 10 billion nadis

Individual and partial activation downloads didn’t, in my experience, cause any symptoms other than an increase in capacities.

I am learning that full activation actually has some “healing crisis” type symptoms associated.

The circuits that weren’t used (ever) because they weren’t activated, once active, start burning off the crust. Activations that were done, out of sequence, if you are one of my testing clients, need to be deactivated before they can be activated again to integrate them into the upgraded whole.

I know it sounds outlandish, but imagine that you are a computer, and I performed a core processor upgrade, a ram upgrade, a power supply upgrade and an operating system upgrade on you all at once, while you were open, up and running.

Even when you do partial upgrade to a computer, in order for it to function properly, the computer needs to be restarted.

Maybe several times for the whole upgrade to get integrated into the more powerful whole.

This is what’s happening. There is no cause for alarm, instead, celebrate that a seemingly insignificant 1-minute connection really did something… good or bad, the verdict is the same: something was done, and that is good.

This is how it’s playing out for me, personally:

The first thing I experienced is all my previous activation disappearing. The second thing that happened is even more significant: the syntaxes between the two hemispheres of my brain shut down, and the repairs to my brain damage disappeared.

I found myself disoriented, almost unable to drive safely, and not able to put together coins to add up to a predefined sum.

A general fogginess took over, and it was a WTF experience. Lol.

Most of it blew over in about 3 hours, and it started 15 hours or so after the activation.

I am confident that by tomorrow I will be back where I was before the activation, and the growth will start to kick in.

I’ll let all of you know. My activation will mirror yours….