Hemp kernels… the perfect food that’s also tasty

I don’t remember why I first bought hemp seeds but I did… and ate a tablespoonful here and there. Last September, I think…

It made no noticeable difference. I guess the hulled seeds and little bits of hull staying in the mix didn’t make it that appetizing. Had to brush my teeth after it… the kernels stuck to my teeth.

But when about a month ago I found out that coffee was going to kill me, lol, I was looking for something that could help. I wanted to go back to drinking tea, but I can’t drink tea without milk. And tea without milk also tests too acidic for me. That was also the problem with coffee. I have a sensitive stomach and a damaged esophagus.

So I looked for information on how to make almond milk at home, and found out that hulled hemp seeds made great hemp milk… Tested it and lo and behold, they do. Much smoother and richer than almonds.

And because I am a tea addict, I am drinking a godawful lot of hemp milk with my tea… and I am getting better. Healthier. Stronger. Younger looking. My wrinkles are smoothing out, which I didn’t much care about, but others do. Continue reading “Hemp kernels… the perfect food that’s also tasty”

Life skills… skills you need for a good life

what-skill-to-learnHere is an article from skills you need dot com

Become worth a damn

The term ‘Life Skills’ refers to the skills you need to make the most out of life.

Life skills are usually associated with managing and living a better quality of life. They help us to accomplish our ambitions and live to our full potential.

Any skill that is useful in your life can be considered a life skill. Tying your shoe laces, swimming, driving a car and using a computer are, for most people, useful life skills.

Here at Skills You Need you’ll find lots of information about life skills and life skill development. We don’t cover tying your shoe laces but you will find hundreds of articles around personal development.

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Why is it that you don’t like yourself, and your life?

drinkingMore conspiracy theories that can open your eyes

Could you identify the many ways you don’t like yourself and your life?

Most likely, these areas are areas where conspiracy distorted your behavior, distorted your thinking, distorted your expectations.

Consciously, willfully, with malicious intent.
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