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The results are in: you can raise your energy by listening to a simple audio

I don't quite know why it works so well, but it does. So let me try to decipher... and see why it works, what it does, how it creates such a dramatic difference in your energy level... OK?

As usual, my students, volunteering to be guinea pigs, tested it. And this morning I connected to them and measured their cell hydration... and the numbers are proof: the audio works directly on their cell water level, meaning the cells are willing to use more water because more water is coherent inside your body.

Coherence is like the difference between orderly and chaotic. Cells are not willing to use chaotic, incoherent water. Coherence, just like boiling point, is at a set level of energy: 653 on the vibrational scale. Being that natural waters found on the planet are between 150 and 250 vibration, it takes a lot of energy to make water coherent. Continue reading "The results are in: you can raise your energy by listening to a simple audio"

Can the Water Energizer audio energize your cells directly if you listen through headphones?

energize your body while you are doing other things water energizer audioDo the remedy creating audios work on your body too? Does the Water Energizer energize your cells directly?

I haven't heard this question in a long time, which is interesting.

Regardless, I tested it.

Because 60% of your body is water, some body parts more, if you listen to the audios through headphones they get infused in your body.

How did I test it?

I just downloaded the Water Energizer energy into my body. I measured my cell hydration before, in the middle, and after.

My cell hydration number was 30% when I started, and it rose to 70%.

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Headphone special offers… limited quantity. USA address only.

Have been thinking of getting something for yourself?

I have two limited special offers for you:

I just re-ordered a bunch of headphones... and have only one, a black one... So I won't have this available unless you are willing to wait...

Deal #1:

Get get the whole 67 steps on a chip shipped to you with the best headphones I have ever owned

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The missing science so you can start mastering your beingness: the Real Kabbalah

Today's "What's the truth about you?" workshop is the first experiment to get to beingness through feelings.

The challenge, for the participant, is to accurately feel their feelings, and maybe even what the feeling wants them to do, the inner dynamics.

My experience is that despite what everyone teaches, you cannot get to what you want through words. But you can get to what you want through the feelings level and the through feelings level to the beingness level: the creative plane.

If the "Law of Attraction" or the "Law of Similars" has any water to hold, if being in energetic alignment with what you want does actually allow you to go for it, having, use it, keep it, then this is the most important skill you want to develop. Continue reading "The missing science so you can start mastering your beingness: the Real Kabbalah"

The most frequent energy leak that holds you back

I just realized that I left out one of the most frequent energy leaks, need leaks from the last article.

And that is the minuscule pleasure you gain when you feel clever, when you feel you got one over someone, when you are told you are clever.

Or maybe that you are pretty. Or maybe some other compliment, that you are put together. Or that you do a good job.

Any compliment that you find important.

You are the guy/gal who, when you do the five questions exercise, you pay attention to the positive feedback. When you listen to me: you are waiting for the positive feedback... and hear none of the negative, or if you do, you grieve about it, but won't change a thing.
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Feeling totally stupid…

it always seems impossibleBeing told that you are stupid is one thing. Feeling totally stupid because your cannot seem to be learning something that you need... is that same thing plus.

I haven't often experienced this before...

I had a real hard time learning Arabic. Danish was another challenge.

Then I had an impossible time learning basic programming: I had to do the class three times to get it.
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The Wise, the Foolish, and the Evil test

necessary-endingsThe personality test that tells you if you can grow, and if you can benefit from working with me.

I have been at my wits' end for years now.

Today I found out what was missing...

Remember the wise saying: when something is not working, there is something you don't know.

More often than not, what you don't know is a distinction... and it was definitely true in my case.

I have been making the mistake of coaching and dealing with my people as if they were me... like me... similar to me.

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October special… Can the Power of this special day break through your resistance?

days-of-powerNew experiment: Can the spiritual power of the Days of Power be used to power an activation?

Activation of a spiritual capacity?

I am thinking of combining the Day of Power on Sunday, October 16, with the Unconditional Love Activator live activation.

If you have the activator already, then you are welcome to the call. If you don't: you can buy any version between now and the session, and be eligible to be on the call.

Here is how the call will go:

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Are you tough enough to deserve the good life?


"To get what you want, you have to deserve what you want. The world is not yet a crazy enough place to reward a whole bunch of undeserving people."

I am continuing the inquiry into curiosity... the intrinsic motivation of humans... how you lost it, how to rekindle it... and what might be in the way.

I am going to use myself, because curiosity is so rare, and so relatively unconscious, unobserved, and unacknowledged, that I don't even know who I could ask about their own experience... Let's hope that this state of affairs will change soon.

The hectic, information driven culture in which we live, where everyone considers themselves eligible to post on the internet and be heard, where people talk louder and louder, where people have extra money to spend on stuff that is not needed... Continue reading "Are you tough enough to deserve the good life?"

Why you feel how you feel and what can you do about it?

doggie-languageMost people live in a constant "this is not right... this is not where I am supposed to be, this is not how I am supposed to be, this is not what I am supposed to do" jerky place.

It seems inevitable, it feels bad, and all of it is based on delusions, pretenses, and lies.

Obviously you can't see your delusions. That is your "reality".

  • But... if you don't feel good, if you don't see clear, if you don't have a 360 degree view of the world in most issues... they you can be sure you have delusions.
  • and... if you don't go for growth, learning, profound well-being, fulfillment, expertise... they you can be sure your life and actions are based on delusions.

Delusion is a "cognitive bias"... you think something is as simple as X, while it is a lot more complicated than that... but you can't see beyond X. So you don't see what is, you only see the X.
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