The core influence exercise of Frank Kern

This post is a summary of the presentation of Frank Kern about Core Influence.

This is really powerful EXERCISE for everyone. It will definitely change the way of you relate to yourself and your life.

What is your Core Influence?

When you interface with “your crowd” core to core… heart to heart, and this is what you want them to do… interface with you heart to heart… If you do that they will do almost anything.

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You are weird

PrintWhy would I insult you like this? If it is insulting to you, I apologize. Looking from your mind, I am probably wrong.

But looking from reality, looking from existence, your behavior is weird.

Your actions are inconsistent with what you really want, your actions seem like preprogrammed… no matter what, behave this way.
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If you love helping people who need help…

helpingSummary: the Evil Eye is much more frequent than you would think… you probably have it… this article is about that.

I have a friend. She is the person I probably talk to most frequently, and by virtue of that she should be a friend. She has also been helping me a lot. In fact, I needed her help

I am just one of the people she helps: she has a huge network of people she helps.

I need to remind myself every time I talk to her to make sure I stay someone who needs help, or she will do one of two things:

  1. Jinx my success…
  2. Stop being my “friend” (Much like when you are on welfare (public assistance) it holds you back to stay needy)

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How Can You Improve Your Life? Really Improve

A student of mine just emailed this morning: “I just heard the most marvelous bit of wisdom from Joan Rivers, of all people. Talking about life she said,

“I wish I could tell you that life gets better… but it doesn’t get better. YOU get better.”

Life is life, people are people.

An empath student of mine wrote to me today:

Sophie I felt an energy shift yesterday,experienced way less anxiety and after the call last night felt good my mood was happy. I have not felt that in months

Now I woke up this am with tons of anxiety, my stomach in a knot

this is the roller coaster. I desire balance and not these huge sways

This is what I answered: you will never have 100% smooth ride because you are an empath. I bet the emotions weren’t yours.

This whole “getting better” expression is imprecise though. I have written in other articles, and I’ll write it until people get it: my programs raise your vibration. And a higher vibration is like…
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