What will you do if the economy tanks? If the trouble you are afraid of actually happens?

2432711I have a wide cone of vision (I see the big picture) in most issues regarding “the economy.” Maybe because both my parents were economists? Who knows.

But having a wide cone of vision, especially in this arena, has its advantages.

People call me to find out, if their personal experience is indicative of a personal issue, or if it just feels that way.
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Your emotional baseline and your chances for success

your-emotional-baselineI read a very interesting article 1 today. It is about being able to predict from how you were as a baby and toddler your chances for success, your chances for being smart, your chances for aberrant, deviant behavior, like crime or addictions.

And although most of you, if you read it, will be resigned to how you turned out, or alternatively argue till you are hoarse with the predictions, there is a more constructive way to read the article: get guidance.

Of course, if you are already having trouble in life, you are habitually relating to everything as a good reason to get depressed, turn to the bottle, get angry, or eat more m&m’s, but if you are not quite there, there is the guidance I recommend that you get:

All of those signs you demonstrated as a toddler are correctable by the Bach Flower Energies.

If you have a propensity for being impatient, wanting immediate gratification, not being able to hang in there and do what you need to do even if it is tedious, or unsuccessful at the moment, the Bach Flower Energy Impatience will increase your capacity for more patience, so you can actually get something done, learn something, hang in there.
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My Christmas Gift to you plus some observation about women

cattyI have been watching, as usual, a TV series, always about crime and such, this one is called White Collar. The main character is a charming, charismatic, good looking, intelligent, young man.

After seeing almost three whole seasons’ worth, I looked up the cast on google. Found out that our guy is gay. I was surprised because I didn’t see any signs of gayness, which are, typically (my personal experience) being attention seeking, catty, gossipy, disloyal, etc.

Instead, our guy is quiet, reserved, loyal to the extreme, kind, and has a huge capacity to love.

He has qualities I appreciate in a person, except I have never seen them in a man. I would say, that these are the innate characteristics of a woman, except that I don’t know a woman who is loyal, who is reserved, who is kind.

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What does a vibration of 200 feel like?

feedback from a musicianI love feedback, and I love the feedback of this person. I muscle-tested his vibration, and it’s 200… so it is not especially high, and yet…

With the tools I offer in the foundational program, this is the kinds of results that are typical:

Hi Sophie,

I miss hearing your voice and laugh on the calls…I hope that you are feeling well and that the attacks have stopped.

I wanted to tell you about a very interesting experiment that I conducted with the activator/HOE audio and the results. About a month ago, things were going very well. I was extremely busy work-wise which is great because it means I could support myself financially. I was performing a lot with several different groups – in addition to my teaching – and was receiving very positive comments from my fellow musicians. I met a remarkable woman and we have been seeing each other in a very open, loving and supportive relationship. All good, even things with my ex were smooth and easy.

I decided to stop playing the audio and drinking the water to see what would happen.
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