Cannot get from A to B? It’s not your fault! It’s the memes

Minerva and chocolate cake proofWhen people speak about beliefs that they want to get rid of, let’s say, belief about money, abundance, they always think that there are some personal beliefs there, that they are discreet, and that they can get rid of them.

Back in my times when I was doing Fourth Plane energies, “designer energies”, one of the moves I had is to make my hand sticky, and pull beliefs, also called thought forms, from myself and from clients.

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Meaning – what others teach

Why am I Here? What is the meaning of life? What should I do with my life? These are questions that everyone asks themselves at one time or another, but the answers are often fleeting or misguided.

The core teaching of the Instant Coherence Workshop is creating a meaning that will help you to push through difficult times, and cause coherence when everything else would cause incoherence.

If I use long straight hair as an analogy to show coherence and incoherence… brushing or combing long straight hair is easy when there are no kinks in it. But when we look, life is full of kinks… and our brain, our mind, our feelings give us more kinks than we can overcome.

So we, our lives, our brains are like kinky hair… and life is not smooth sailing… it is like occasionally very rough seas.

Incoherence is the order of the day… but we blame it on life.

But what if we are bringing incoherence to life… Incoherence by our default organizing principle… what we say BEFORE WE SAY HELLO, before we start doing anything.

The Instant Coherence workshop first digs out what is our default organizing principle, and then looks to create a new organizing principle that is designed to create life, our life, coherent…

The moment there is an organizing principle like that, everything wants to align with it, including your emotions, your actions, your breathing, your heart beat… everything.

The tricky things, as I can see at this stage, are the following:
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Your vibration and Copenhagen zoo kills 18 month old giraffe and feeds it to other animals of the zoo

did the giraffe have to die in copenhagen zoo?

Copenhagen zoo refuses to hand over 18 month giraffe to other zoos, and kills giraffe and feeds it to other animals.

That is the news. Now, obviously, I am not in the popular news business, but without spending my time finding out what exactly happened, I may have some useful things to say to those readers that aspire to become a human being.

Watch the majority. The majority is always wrong. When they go left, go right.

When they are upset, be understanding. It is a much healthier emotion.

Consider that you can’t see the whole picture. Consider, that even if you could, wrong, bad, etc. are human constructs and they are cultural. Consider that God didn’t hire you to be the judge, so let go and don’t get involved.
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