How to become worth a damn?

The only real security is your ability to produce

Want to become worth a damn? Become a genius at implementation. At getting things done. That is where the magic is…

Honestly, whatever you buy, whatever you learn: make sure you implement it, 100%, 110%… and become the best at it.

Most people, most likely you, or you would not be reading this, suck at implementation.

I remember I used to be the same way.

When I did my first Landmark Forum, on day 4 there was a question and I raised my hand. The question was: Who are you that you are?

I was called on, and I said: “I am that I just want to remain a student”.

The Forum leader promptly ‘translated’ it to everyday term. He said: ‘I see, you are a failure…’

That hurt, but maybe that is what it meant. If you are a serial learner but not an implementer, you are a failure. You have the illusion that you are going someplace, but no proof that you indeed are. Continue reading “How to become worth a damn?”