Inner authority?

outer pressure to inner authorityI define someone who has that, Inner Authority, is this: they don’t need an outside force to entice them or to threaten them with some kind of punishment or doom to do what they have to do to get things done.

So, the year was 1987, and it was the end of an 8-year run of a good mixture where you could see what I am talking about.

In those years I worked as an architect in three countries.

Worked but wasn’t productive. There was no joy there. I wasn’t joyful, even though there were, here and there, interesting projects, but i wasn’t able to enjoy them.

There were as long as year long stretches where I literally suffered because I just didn’t want to do what i had to do, needed to do, wanted to do to survive, things I should have done. I was sluggish, heavy, and totally unmotivated. Continue reading “Inner authority?”

The chip on your shoulder — taking it off and keeping it off

As I am preparing to lead the Inner Authority Course, I see the need to dig deeper and deeper into the morass of human misery so that I can dig you out of there. I have tools, but I want more. And more. And more.

It is not about getting myself out of misery: I am already 70% “clear” of misery… and that is a blissful place, but it took me 34 years, so far, and I don’t know many people who are willing to work on themselves that long… I did it because I was soooo miserable. Continue reading “The chip on your shoulder — taking it off and keeping it off”

How words create and sustain emotions… Emotional Intelligence Part 3

Unfortunately for you, your emotions determine the quality of your life.

If you haven’t, please read part one and part two first…

‘They’ teach you to try to only have positive emotions, but guess what… you only try to have positive emotions on the top of negative ones…

The less emotions you have the higher the quality of your life… Surprised? It’s true.

Imagine you are a baby… You are happy. You are just here to eat and poop.

There is nothing you can or even have to do for yourself, you completely rely on other people, for security, for comfort, for sustenance, to clean you up… everything. Continue reading “How words create and sustain emotions… Emotional Intelligence Part 3”

The Inner Authority that you don’t have but could…

inner authorityIt’s been stormy here. Lots of rain. The other night a warning went out: a tornado was poised to touch down in Central New York: not a tornado area.


Nothing is wrong: as long as reality works the way reality works, all is well… even if it rains on your parade, even if you hate removing trudging through mud, even if you are not prepared. Continue reading “The Inner Authority that you don’t have but could…”