The answer is not within, the truth is not within… and it is not without either

One of the most important things one can learn from the 67 steps is this: the truth is not within. It takes a sea of knowledge to even start to make out the outlines of the truth… And that knowledge needs to be learned… We live in a world of uneducated, ignorant fools… almost no one is an exception.

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Epigenetics… the path of human evolution: from human to human being

How I use the energy that I download during the Days of Power

After I moved out of my parents’ home, I met this guy who became my boy friend. My first boy friend.

He was a philosophy student, son of a well known philosopher.

I didn’t understand a word they were talking. When I typed up his thesis I bastardized some of the words, because I had no idea they weren’t typos. They didn’t look like, they weren’t regular words.

Here I am 46 years later, and if you asked me what profession I have, I would have to tell you that I am closest to being a philosopher. Boggles the mind. Continue reading “Epigenetics… the path of human evolution: from human to human being”

Are you eating the babies of another species?

One of the areas where humanity is growing and evolving backwards is eating.

When you eat right, your vibration goes up and you are a hell of a lot more intelligent.

But eating right requires you to have knowledge. Knowledge that you don’t have.

One thing I have noticed that you think:

if it is edible then it is ok to eat. As much as I want.

…or if you have your food list: if it is edible, I can eat the edible foods in any combination, and in any quantity.

And if you think that, and if that thinking reflects your behavior, your vibration is going lower.
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Awareness is the greatest predictor of happiness, success, and health… but what about self-discipline?

i-could-use-some-helpEvery so-called guru talks about the subconscious mind, and such nonsense.

What they don’t talk about is how much of what is happening, what is real, what is in front of you is making no impression on you… how little of what is around you, what you are reading, watching, listening to reaches your awareness.

And whatever you do is based on that 1-3% that you actually aware to or the 100%… and you think you have all the facts.

“Everyone operates and makes decisions based on his or her current level of awareness.”

This is why your level of awareness is the most predictive of you success.
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Self-possessed… living from the Witness position, living from Consciousness

self-possessingThe question in your life is: who possesses who? Who possesses what?

But the answer to that question, albeit it is fashionable to think that the guy/gal with the most toys wins, will surprise you: the person who possesses himself wins, every step of the way.

I pretty much don’t know anyone with any level of self-possession: it can be measured.

People are like leaves blowing in the wind, flotsam on the ocean… out of control, hoping for a favorable wind… lacking what can only developed by rigorous practice.

Rigorous? Practice? Please stop laughing… you are out of control!

But like anything of value, it doesn’t come cheap.

In an interaction with a longtime student, I saw something. Here is the interaction:
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How far from your island are you willing to swim?

how far will you swim from your uninhabited island?I had a conversation about 30 years ago with a fellow Hungarian. We were both Landmark “graduates” and assisted our asses off.

“Assisting” is a cheap way to feel superior without having to earn your stripes.

He was an artist, a painter, who was in the US because his wife fell ill with cancer, and needed special treatment. In spite of all, she died, and he was stuck here. Didn’t want to return to Venezuela, didn’t want to go back to Hungary, but his existence in the US was touch and go.

He didn’t feel like producing the “art” that had been earning him a living: kitch sold in furniture stores, mass produced by an artist. Slave labor, mind numbing, and killing the artist within.

It was late in the evening, and we chatted, intimately, like friends that we weren’t.

The simile, or analogy, or metaphor, whatever you want to call it, came up:

If you were stranded on an island, how far would you swim to see if there are any ways to escape and return to civilization?
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Seeing what you cannot see

bizarre-natural-phenomenon-tree-growing-bent-in-windWhy slowing down is a good move, a good strategy, but not a solution by itself?

One of the biggest missing is seeing the big picture. It’s across the board, and across all levels of intelligence.

Seeing the big picture is a practice, not a capacity.

You cannot see the big picture, until you stop, step back, and look.

Now, here, at the looking level, your vibration, your intelligence, your experience, your knowledge level is very important: you can’t catch what you don’t see, and you can’t see what you haven’t seen before.
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For the “other” you are the enemy

do you think this is a game?Do you think this is a game?!

In the past five months I have taken all my senses, all my capacities inward, and to sensing and feeling.

The brain plasticity allows you to re-organize what you use to get valid information about your world, and I moved all my available capacities to inner and outer sensation.

You, on the other hand, have moved all your available capacities to the mind, where it intermingles with untruth… but this article is not about that.

Anyway, this morning I was paying attention to the dynamic between the world and me… to the attitudes and feelings of critters around, small and big, and I saw something that shook me up a bit.
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News on the fight against the microscopic biting mites

Biting Mites… News.

A few things:

Most discovery comes through mistakes.

I had already known that butter causes the mite population explode, but… you know, sometimes you just have to make the same mistake twice.

So I made my green beans with butter: big mistake. That night I didn’t sleep much from all the itching and biting.

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