The plague of our century… Or it’s too late to dig a well when you are thirsty

I wrote this article five years ago… and it’s eerily actual today…

What you want to take away from this article is this: a year from now you wish you started today…

Start what? Digging that darn well: building skills. Building relationships. Building alternative ways to make a living. Raising your awareness, consciousness. Getting yourself off the social bandwagon, getting yourself well…

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The answer is not within, the truth is not within… and it is not without either

One of the most important things one can learn from the 67 steps is this: the truth is not within. It takes a sea of knowledge to even start to make out the outlines of the truth… And that knowledge needs to be learned… We live in a world of uneducated, ignorant fools… almost no one is an exception.

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Epigenetics… the path of human evolution: from human to human being

How I use the energy that I download during the Days of Power

After I moved out of my parents’ home, I met this guy who became my boy friend. My first boy friend.

He was a philosophy student, son of a well known philosopher.

I didn’t understand a word they were talking. When I typed up his thesis I bastardized some of the words, because I had no idea they weren’t typos. They didn’t look like, they weren’t regular words.

Here I am 46 years later, and if you asked me what profession I have, I would have to tell you that I am closest to being a philosopher. Boggles the mind. Continue reading “Epigenetics… the path of human evolution: from human to human being”

What does gluten have to do with fat? Going deeper…

Why Am I Getting Fat on My Gluten Free Diet? or a better question: Is my diet really gluten free? And an even better question: what does gluten do to my metabolism?

Ever since puberty, meaning the past 60 years of my life, I have had problems with my weight.

Until puberty I was thin as a rail, a picky eater.

Once puberty hit, I became a whole new person. I ate everything in sight, rounded out, really.

Given that we, humanity, have no idea how this weight thing works, I tried everything THEY suggested, and, of course, it didn’t work, or didn’t last.

A few years ago I read about making your body a fat burning furnace, and I liked the idea.

I did everything by the book: and I put on 30 lbs, 13-14 kg, in two weeks.

Obviously my body didn’t confirm the theory of the book. My body became a fat storing machine.
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Learn awareness, the strongest indicator of health, wealth, love, and happiness

distinctions-are-the-secret-sauceChangeability, adaptability is the secret of living a consistently good life… but changeability and adaptability depend on awareness. As your awareness grows in the four pillars of the good life, so your success and the quality of your life…

By the way, did you notice I didn’t say “learn about awareness…” but that is what you read? Right?

In the old Forum program, the Forum Leader came in, screaming at us, poor unsuspecting brand new participants: For you Everything is the same as everything else … except not always.

It took me years to decipher that and see that it is true.
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For the “other” you are the enemy

do you think this is a game?Do you think this is a game?!

In the past five months I have taken all my senses, all my capacities inward, and to sensing and feeling.

The brain plasticity allows you to re-organize what you use to get valid information about your world, and I moved all my available capacities to inner and outer sensation.

You, on the other hand, have moved all your available capacities to the mind, where it intermingles with untruth… but this article is not about that.

Anyway, this morning I was paying attention to the dynamic between the world and me… to the attitudes and feelings of critters around, small and big, and I saw something that shook me up a bit.
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What’s been happening here… at

end of winter, did you notice?I have been too busy with my “other” tasks, removing attachments, and testing methods to rid myself and the world of parasitic mite infestation.

I am happy to report that the second type of mite, spider mite, has been turned into “has been”, for now at least. Finally, now that the pressure of nightly fear of going to sleep, the incessant itching, is lowered to a bearable level.

The weather has turned springlike, and today I noticed that it went by unnoticed, I only paid attention that now I have to wear less clothing. No thought of going for a walk, no thought of gratitude, just going through the days teeth gritted. Life felt like a chore, something to survive.

Today, when I woke up with no itch, no mites, I noticed the quality of the light, the color of the sky, and I felt a deep gratitude.
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The fundamental error of human thinking: that things are fixable, that things need fixing…

If you look, at least half of your time is spent fixing or being part of a “fix”.

The problem with fixing is fundamental and it is against Life and it is against Nature. Fixing has the root in “something is wrong”… but in nature nothing is every wrong. It is what it is. Wrong, and an attitude, a perspective, a judgment, comes from humans.

Nature, Life, never fixes anything, it continues on what is, and it either will live or die. Or it restores… but not fixes…

Nature, Life, doesn’t care. Caring is a human error.

Every solution to a problem creates a larger problem.
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News on the fight against the microscopic biting mites

Biting Mites… News.

A few things:

Most discovery comes through mistakes.

I had already known that butter causes the mite population explode, but… you know, sometimes you just have to make the same mistake twice.

So I made my green beans with butter: big mistake. That night I didn’t sleep much from all the itching and biting.

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