Poetry? What does poetry have to do with happiness?

poetic mindPoetry, poetic, poetic mind… not part of the fabric of culture in our times.

JFK was inspiring. Trump, Biden? coarse or boring.

At the same time there is a  quirk to human nature: A result that is not poetic, a result that is not uplifting, a result that is not inspiring doesn’t register as a result. So people are left with a sense of nothing important got done. No happiness, no fulfillment. Nothing to be proud of, nothing to be inspired by.

And then the second quirk: that the skill people have for poetic language is completely undeveloped. Continue reading “Poetry? What does poetry have to do with happiness?”

Dead as a doornail or flying the spirit? choose

dead as a doornailIf I don’t manage to fly someone else will. The Spirit wants only that there be flying. As to who happens to do it, in that he has only a passing interest. ~ Rainer Maria Rilke

I never knew I was competitive… but the first sentence in that quote above is what gave me the impetus I needed to make it my work to fly the spirit. Hell no will I be dead as a doornail… Hell no will I be OK if someone else flies and I don’t… So help me god. Continue reading “Dead as a doornail or flying the spirit? choose”

Possibility, inspiration, the spirit coming alive in you is the source of all joy, all fulfillment, all love

inspiration, the spirit coming aliveThis article is about how separation, division, is preparing, has been preparing humanity, you, to lose possibility, lose  the capacity for inspiration, for the spirit coming alive. To make humanity powerless sheep, bleating, to support this separation. This division has one purpose and one purpose only: to make more money for the 1% and impoverish the rest.

If you read the pdf I included a few days ago… you know how it is really, behind the scenes… Read the pdf and weep. I did…

Yesterday in my Growth course

Yesterday in my Growth course, students asked me to distinguish possibility for them, so they can be inspired again, inspired at will. Continue reading “Possibility, inspiration, the spirit coming alive in you is the source of all joy, all fulfillment, all love”

Fun Monday… How inspirable are you?

In today’s article I am switching gears. We’ll be funny today…

Maybe even ha-ha funny.

Why this change of heart?

In the Starting Point Measurements there is a question: how inspirable are you and how inspired are you now? Continue reading “Fun Monday… How inspirable are you?”

Are you inspirable? Can you even be inspired?

Inspiration… what is it and why do you want to have it?

Inspiration, breathing life into inert or unconscious matter… is the difference between a machine and a Man…

An inspired action, an inspired life, an inspired person is vastly different from most people, most actions, most lives on the planet. How? in that what guides those is what is beyond the 10% reality, and beyond the emotional dramatic interpretation. And beyond the meaning based lives humans live nowadays. Continue reading “Are you inspirable? Can you even be inspired?”