Simplicity… Elegance… Coherence… Ask a different question…

We tend to look at the world in black and white terms. This or the opposite…

You and me… 1

But often what you think is the opposite is not…

My current favorite book, 46 rules of Genius, says:
“Rule 24 (of Genius)


“People tend to view simplicity and complexity as opposites. But this isn’t strictly true. The enemy of simplicity isn’t complexity, but disorder. And the enemy of complexity is also disorder.

  • While complexity seeks order through addition,
  • simplicity seeks order through subtraction.

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A life worth living: What does poetry have to do with it?

love-truth-goodnessThe world is mundane. Ordinary. At least through ordinary eyes. It is just the way it is.

Some people see beauty, some people see truth, some people see goodness, but for the most part you see reasons to justify why you only trudge through life, never really seeing any poetry, any romance, anything really uplifting.

The Beyond, The Divine, The “Spirit” gets through to you through one of those, truth, beauty, goodness, and how you know it got to you because something echoes in your Soul.

You cry, you laugh, you shut up… words don’t come close to express it.

When I work with people on their life’s purpose, on the meaning of their lives, especially when I do it in a private call, I need to work a lot.

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On courage… just one of the profound misunderstandings of humanity

Taijitu_redI have written about it, I have even quoted Lao Tsu: Because of great love one is courageous. 1

But if the fundamental understanding of life is missing, said in another way, if life is fundamentally misunderstood, then that quote is misunderstood.

We, humans, have that love is something you feel for another person. Or for ice cream… more often, lol.

But what if the love Lao Tsu is talking about (I don’t know, he died too long ago) is something entirely different?
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Stepping up to the plate

stepping up to the plateLandmark Education was born in 1991. With its name change it also, appropriately, introduced a “new technology”.

The new technology was based on an earlier statement or assertion: that who you are in the present is given by the future you are living into.

It was also said like this: What gives you who you are in the present moment is the future you are living into.

But, although they were illustrating this assertion with a story 1 , what they meant was this: what gives your being and consequently your actions in the present moment is who you invented yourself to be.

Let’s say you invent yourself to be a winner… what give your being and consequently your actions in the present, that no matter what you do, you’ll at least end up landing on your feet… and that makes you, automatically, a winner. And some of the time you’ll win more than just your safety or your life… you may win some stuff, some arguments, etc.
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Pick your battles…

pick-your-battles-feelingsPick your battles… have an organizing principle

A good 20 years ago I had lunch with a famous seminar leader from Landmark. We had a long history, and she shared with me how unhappy she was, and how ready she was to quit leading seminars for Landmark Education.

I was quite dumbfounded… she was the best in the country, the most effective…

She said: “We teach people to be more effective, and many use the technology to be more effectively dupe people, abuse people, exploit people, make the world a worse place than it would be if they were not equipped with what we teach them.”

I didn’t have an answer for her… but I was pondering that myself for the past 20 years.

And this morning I am as close to having an answer as ever…
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The secret of A life gloriously lived


fight-hardMost people, when I ask them, want to be happy, or want to be free. They want to get more of this and more of that. The source of their happiness is outside of them. They want circumstances to change, including how they feel, how intolerant, how judgmental, how sick they are. Because even if those are inside traits, they are treated as, they are considered a circumstance: they seem to have no power over them.

You read a book, you read an article, you come to a webinar, and you get an insight. You feel wonderful for a day, maybe even for a week or two… but then it goes away and you are back being the same powerless person you were before.

Another person read the same book, the same article, was at the same webinar, maybe even sounded dense, or slow, or much stupider than you, and their story is just the opposite of yours.

Their life starts to blossom, their work becomes a passion, their relationships thrive, their health is moving in the right direction. WTF, you ask… right?

What is the difference between people who have a genuine turning point in their life and people who have an experience or an insight?
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Do you know enough?

iStock_000014937781XSmall-300x223If you didn’t ask… “Know Enough For what?!” then you can consider that you are trapped, at the moment, by the question in the title.

That was the purpose of the title, by the way. To trap you.

While you read your article, to get the most out of it, allow yourself to find yourself in my experience, instead of agree or not agree… OK?

Every person with a mind (that is every person alive!) moves back and forth on a continuum (scale) of knowing enough or not knowing enough… Some days you feel you know everything, on others you feel you know nothing.
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How to Improve Your Perspective? Perspective Series Part 2

changing_lanes1Imagine yourself driving down the road and you want to change lanes to the right. You look in the rear view mirror and you look in your side mirrors to make sure there are no cars. Yet there is a blind spot and you aren’t 100% sure it’s safe to move over. So you lean a bit forward – you lean a little to the right and it looks good. You check out the lane next to you from both angles. Then, signal flashing you speed up and start to steer right and just as you do – HONK!!!!

There, in your blind spot, is a car that you were about to roll right into. WHEW!

Heart racing you slow down a bit, steer back to your lane and let the car pass. Then going through the check again – check the mirrors, lean forward, lean to the right, This Time throwing a glance over your shoulder and when you are certain you’ve seen the road clearly, you switch lanes so you can arrive at your destination.

WHAT IF – you are going through your life and not seeing all the perspectives? What if?

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On feeling slighted. Your profound life experience Part 1

what_am_i_chopped_liverWarning: this article is a stream of consciousness article, and you need to read it like a poem, or it probably won’t make a lot of sense. On the other hand it is very important to read, if you want a chance at having the rest of your life not a continuation of the life you have had… That predictable download spiral.

When your whole life experience is that others are more loved, more supported, more appreciated

I had a dream last night that rocked my world. Not in a good way… by the way.

I dreamed that my older brother achieved what I worked, unsuccessfully, to achieve for 26 years… and it took him only a few months.
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