Are you always misjudged, misunderstood, or mistreated? No one can see how bright you are?

misunderstood genius... slightedThe art of being heard, being known the right way

On one of the webinars the topic was “Not being heard… Being misunderstood”

Every person on the call had at least one painful childhood incident where their speaking wasn’t getting for them what they intended to get, instead their speaking was earning them grief and heart ache.

They wanted appreciation, understanding, equality, or love, validation, significance, or at least agreement.

When something doesn’t work, one would expect, next time you’ll try something different. But no… in real life it seems that the more something doesn’t work, the more you, humans are trying to fit a square peg into a round hole.

When we looked, each and every one of us were repeating and repeating and repeating the incident in our lives, the same way, expecting a different result. Insanity, right? Continue reading “Are you always misjudged, misunderstood, or mistreated? No one can see how bright you are?”

A life worth living: What does poetry have to do with it?

love-truth-goodnessThe world is mundane. Ordinary. At least through ordinary eyes. It is just the way it is.

Some people see beauty, some people see truth, some people see goodness, but for the most part you see reasons to justify why you only trudge through life, never really seeing any poetry, any romance, anything really uplifting.

The Beyond, The Divine, The “Spirit” gets through to you through one of those, truth, beauty, goodness, and how you know it got to you because something echoes in your Soul.

You cry, you laugh, you shut up… words don’t come close to express it.

When I work with people on their life’s purpose, on the meaning of their lives, especially when I do it in a private call, I need to work a lot.

When I speak your purpose, as I see it, I hear you being hooked, being moved. Then you get off the call, and turn it into mundane… money, sex, or such other stuff, that makes life and you stuck in the mud. Continue reading “A life worth living: What does poetry have to do with it?”

Your core strength and spiritual growth

I am 70 years old… or to be exact, will be in two more months.

The biggest concern for older people is falling. Falling and not be able to get up. Or break a bone. My sister in law broke her thigh bone…

So many communities across the United States offer free exercise classes to older people to make us more self-reliant and not fall easily.

The exercises are directed at strengthening the core and the leg muscles.

I am mentioning this, because the work of becoming a human being needs a strong core. Otherwise one may get dizzy, scared, or fall.

Just like in real life.

What keeps you from having a strong core?

  • 1. Fear. Fear makes you narrow your cone of vision and either start pretending you are blind, or fixate at your feet… missing where you are going.

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Instead of trying to change life, Become a match to life

Instead of trying to change life, Become a match to life

I can feel the wind, but I am not the wind. I can hear the voices and I am not the voices.

The above is a quote from one of my students who has raised his vibration, even though his soul correction is one of the difficult five.

Thinking that the voices are significant, engaging with the voices makes us schizophrenic, as if we were many people.

Thoughts, voices, are like the wind. If you start to listening to the wind as if it talked to you, you go crazy. The wind takes over your life, starts running your life, and you go crazy.

The wind whispers, the wind sings. It has nothing to do with you. And so is with all the thoughts.

Hoping for a silent mind is like hoping that everything is given to you without you having to do anything. Really.

Wanting life to be different than it is.

No one can promise you an easy life. No such thing.

The only authentic promise anyone can make is make you a match to life.
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Vibrational Review: Heartmath Institute

heartmath reviewFirst: Heartmath has a theory, that the heart has a lot of brain cells in it and they can be influenced just like the brain can be…

The promise is of Heartmath is to help you calm down and handle life’s stresses better at will.

I first heard of and listened to recordings, exercises from the Heartmath Institute around 2003. I found the idea very seductive, and really wanted it to work for me… but it didn’t. When a few years later Dr. Alex Loyd used them to prove that the Healing Codes work I revisited them… and found the methodology still not working.

The truth is: they are both, the Healing Codes and the Heartmath, a nice idea… but neither of them works reliably, consistently, and for anyone. If something is NOT reliable, NOT consistent, then in essence it doesn’t work… what works is the Placebo effect.

I am not discounting the Placebo effect: it is powerful, but it is used to sell snake oil…
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Who or What is calling the shot in your life? Commitment – new thoughts, new experiences


This is a continuation of the c-word article… and the getting ready for a breakthrough article. Read them first or this article won’t make sense completely

Displacement of your commitment:

As I have written before, the “universe” or the aspect of you that conspires and is in kahutz with the Universe, will put up obstacles in your path, so instead of doing stuff that’s consistent with your commitment, you are now on a detour path: handling your obstacles.

Alex, a friend of mine, is dealing with his server and his websites being hacked… a moment after he made a commitment to growth. So he feels forced to deal with that, instead of following the path he set for himself.
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On courage… just one of the profound misunderstandings of humanity

Taijitu_redI have written about it, I have even quoted Lao Tsu: Because of great love one is courageous. 1

But if the fundamental understanding of life is missing, said in another way, if life is fundamentally misunderstood, then that quote is misunderstood.

We, humans, have that love is something you feel for another person. Or for ice cream… more often, lol.

But what if the love Lao Tsu is talking about (I don’t know, he died too long ago) is something entirely different?
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Stepping up to the plate

stepping up to the plateLandmark Education was born in 1991. With its name change it also, appropriately, introduced a “new technology”.

The new technology was based on an earlier statement or assertion: that who you are in the present is given by the future you are living into.

It was also said like this: What gives you who you are in the present moment is the future you are living into.

But, although they were illustrating this assertion with a story 1 , what they meant was this: what gives your being and consequently your actions in the present moment is who you invented yourself to be.

Let’s say you invent yourself to be a winner… what give your being and consequently your actions in the present, that no matter what you do, you’ll at least end up landing on your feet… and that makes you, automatically, a winner. And some of the time you’ll win more than just your safety or your life… you may win some stuff, some arguments, etc.
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Pick your battles…

pick-your-battles-feelingsPick your battles… have an organizing principle

A good 20 years ago I had lunch with a famous seminar leader from Landmark. We had a long history, and she shared with me how unhappy she was, and how ready she was to quit leading seminars for Landmark Education.

I was quite dumbfounded… she was the best in the country, the most effective…

She said: “We teach people to be more effective, and many use the technology to be more effectively dupe people, abuse people, exploit people, make the world a worse place than it would be if they were not equipped with what we teach them.”

I didn’t have an answer for her… but I was pondering that myself for the past 20 years.

And this morning I am as close to having an answer as ever…
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The secret of A life gloriously lived


fight-hardMost people, when I ask them, want to be happy, or want to be free. They want to get more of this and more of that. The source of their happiness is outside of them. They want circumstances to change, including how they feel, how intolerant, how judgmental, how sick they are. Because even if those are inside traits, they are treated as, they are considered a circumstance: they seem to have no power over them.

You read a book, you read an article, you come to a webinar, and you get an insight. You feel wonderful for a day, maybe even for a week or two… but then it goes away and you are back being the same powerless person you were before.

Another person read the same book, the same article, was at the same webinar, maybe even sounded dense, or slow, or much stupider than you, and their story is just the opposite of yours.

Their life starts to blossom, their work becomes a passion, their relationships thrive, their health is moving in the right direction. WTF, you ask… right?

What is the difference between people who have a genuine turning point in their life and people who have an experience or an insight?
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