Raising Your Vibration: It’s a process, not an event

It’s a process, not an event

One of the issues you may deal with is the result of widespread misinformation. It’s been around for thousands of years, and it is as damaging as any mass-distributed toxin, maybe even more. Why? Because your body can’t manufacture antibodies against information.

The idea of instant healing, instant transformation, instant transfiguration is what I am talking about.

That idea makes you think that you can get from A to Z in one fell swoop, suddenly; in a single action.

Life doesn’t work that way. Life is based on principles, one of them is the Principle of Process.

Insights may happen instantly, but turning an insight into a breakthrough, or a result takes a process. And even insights take a process as well.

Building anything takes a process of many steps.

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Effortless Abundance… finally an activator for that… I’ve made it wholistic

wholistic abundance checklistEffortless Abundance or Wholistic Abundance

From time to time I have famous gurus contacting me for a vibrational reading, and from time to time they want to work with me, meaning, they want me to teach them.

Now, the first price to pay, when you come to me, is your notion that you know something, and that what you know is true… and that you only need to add to that knowledge to be all you could be.

Especially, if you are someone who teaches others what you know, and they pay you handsomely, or not handsomely, but pay you.
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Instant Healing, Instant Transformation. The Dream Scam

I have started to do one-on-one consulting again. I didn’t know what to expect, but I now know I can handle anything…

I just started today, so I have had one session. It was wonderful, and the results could be spectacular, except…

This is what this article will be about, that “except…” To see what’s in the way of anyone, any modality, any methodology being able to produce results, ever.

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Vibrational Review: Dr. Bradley Nelson, The Emotion Code

Revisited: What does the vibration number mean? Why are methodologies that actually help people rate low on the vibrational scale? I’ll compare and review the Dr. Bradley Nelson method, The Emotion Code, and the Avatar State Audios.

I just finished watching a few episodes of the Dr. Bradley Nelson show. Dr. Bradley Nelson is a showman, a great salesperson. I think it’s great: I wish I could be more like him doing the work I do. More people would flock to me.

Now, why is Dr. Bradley Nelson’s vibration as low as 190, occasionally as low as 170? Is he an unhappy person? Is this a case of the shoemaker who doesn’t have shoes?

The answer is no. I see two problems with his methodology that would result in such low vibration.

The problem isn’t as much his well-being, peace of mind, etc. as he isn’t in the business of empowering people. His methodology is to work through practitioners, and this model duplicates the system of the medical establishment, the church, the government.

In his system people are treated for an issue with a method that may work, by a practitioner who was “specially trained” to treat people with that method.

So people need to be sick for those practitioners to exist, which means his system perpetuates disease.
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Eastern philosophy put billions of people into poverty

The Eastern philosophy that put billions of people into poverty, living in hovels, by accepting it as inevitable. karma, really appeals to Americans.

What is so attractive about Eastern philosophy and karma? My guess is that Eastern Philosophy advocates being in the present moment. If you sit down, close your eyes, and withdraw your attention from past and future, and manage, for a moment, to be in the now, you will find that in the now moment there is never anything wrong. Continue reading “Eastern philosophy put billions of people into poverty”