Stuff we see we solve, the stuff we don’t see kicks our ass

Turning the impossible possible…. results in flow

I have been listening to a podcast… two and a half hour long, so I can take only a half hour here, a half hour there…

The sentences above are from that podcast… a conversation about how to get into your flow state.

Because I have client with a half-done Juice Exercise call, I am looking for some help in that podcast… some more inspiration than I already have… More faith, more confidence…

…while I am pondering why don’t more people apply, apply in droves, to see what gives them juice?

Because once you see it and see it accurately, bring it out of the invisible, you feel that you have to.

Let me ask you a question? When you are hungry, do you feel that you have to eat? Of do you feel that you want to eat? That eating is good for you?

Can you see what I am saying? The Juice Exercise brings to light what gives you a sense of joy, what allows you to feel energized, hooked up, alive, turned on… by allowing you to see what it is. Continue reading “Stuff we see we solve, the stuff we don’t see kicks our ass”