Mastering your word to make things happen

mastering your wordWhy can’t you make things happen? Why can’t you make your life work…

You’ll hate me for this… but hate me as much as you want, this is why: Your integrity is shot.

Without integrity nothing works. Sounds very general, and definitely doesn’t seem to have anything to do with you: you are always on time, you brush your teeth twice a day, you keep your diet, you don’t cheat on your spouse… so what am I talking about?

I’ll explain it in a little bit, but let me just say something more:

Whenever ANYTHING doesn’t work about my life, about any of my relationship, about my health, about my work, about my money, I automatically go to my integrity.

I say: what is the integrity issue that I have that this is what I see… the area not working.

The out-of-integrity can be in many different ways, so I have a checklist: 1

    • have I been keeping my word? to myself, or to anyone…
    • is anything hidden? half-truths? pretenses? misleading others? hidden agendas? false statements?
    • have I skimped on any of my work, my diet, my exercise, my hygiene?

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How do you model after a successful person? Emulate him.

model after a successful personHow do you model after a successful person? You emulate him. But what can you emulate?

Do you do what they say? Do you do what you see?

They say if you want to become successful, you need to find a mentor and model after him. Emulate him.

I have a very successful teacher who teaches what he does: email marketing.

I am on quite a few people’s mailing list who are also his students.

I watch what they do. I read their emails. And I can see that they model after his email style, they model after his relentless work ethic, some models after his edginess, but none has seen or felt, or taken notice to what degree he cares about his customers. He says he doesn’t, but he does. Deeply. Continue reading “How do you model after a successful person? Emulate him.”

…And live to tell the tale…

You want to live a life where you say this about yourself, a lot. “…And I lived to tell the tale…”

Where you are on the edge… and come back to tell the tale.

The edge? it feels like the dividing line between life and death. It is just a feeling. Some edge is quite inconsequential, but the going there is tremendous.

I signed up to be coached on Monday, and it’s Sunday, and I am already “fired”.

Another man’s integrity may be out of integrity for you. Another man’s wisdom is not YOUR wisdom. That is what happened.

I was asked to do something that doesn’t agree, doesn’t foster love between my two selves. Everybody is doing it… but for me to love ME, I can’t do it.

If you are not free to be yourself, then your integrity number is low.

Integrity is an inside job, and only you can call the shot…

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Is the desire for perfection really a desire for perfection?

perfection is a racketThe fate of humanity, and your personal well-being, evolution, raising your vibration, depends on your relationship to perfection.

How? Perfection is imposed.

Perfection comes from outside of yourself.

It’s a comparison, and you live in a constant fear of “falling from grace”, falling short of perfection. Continue reading “Is the desire for perfection really a desire for perfection?”

People who raise their vibration and people who don’t?

Humanity can be divided to two groups. The dividing line is the vibration of 200… the level of responsibility and integrity.

Responsibility is a view of life where it is up to you. What? Everything. And when it is up to you, then you are never a victim, although things may happen to you, thing may be done to you, and yet you are not a victim. Because you have something to say in the matter… and you don’t say that you are a victim.

Responsibility is a dividing line, and I fully expect that 99 out of 100 of my readers, including my regular readers, my clients, my students, think responsibility is either a duty (you have to, need to, or should) or blame (you had to, you needed to, you should have… and you didn’t!) Continue reading “People who raise their vibration and people who don’t?”

Wanting makes you vulnerable

a bird in the handMake a list of areas where wanting, your wanting dominates the situation. Where you are in the situation purely or mostly because you want something.

What can you want? What do you want? How to find it? Look for where you want

    • love?
    • attention?
    • friendship?
    • sex?
    • money?

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Republished: The Duct Tape Approach to Raising Your Vibration

duct tape methodThe Duct Tape Approach to Raising your vibration

My observation has been that the biggest obstacle to returning people to the pristine state we began is the business of the mind, the business of the body.

What I call business is not the activity of getting things done: on the contrary: the wasteful, self-serving misfiring of the nerve-endings, whether it expresses itself in activity or not. The restlessness, the ADHD-type of running around, aimlessly, but self-importantly.

I have a few students that have taken this restlessness to the max, they do not allow any moment for themselves to just be.
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What is The Creator that loves you unconditionally?

Summary: In this article I am going to illustrate to you how something evolves, as opposed to being born…

I will illustrate to you the thought process it takes to move something from good to better to better and even better… There is no such thing as best in this thought process. This is the foundation of an Expanding Human Being: there is no limit to expanding, neither in the mind nor in the reality of the Original Design. And I’ll share the breakthrough we had in raising your vibration.

  1. When I came to this country at age 38, I was much like you in a lot of ways. One of the thngs that I remember vividly is my relationship to improvement. If a product label said “improved”, my thought was “that means it wasn’t good before, and probably isn’t good now… so I won’t get it.”I still lived in the mind, and the mind does not like improvement, it doesn’t like change. If something is good, then it is good, no need for improvement… Bah humbug.
  2. When I was an architecture students, I learned two things that became totally useful regardless of the field I applied them. One of these is what I learned from my famed History of Architecture professor: He shared that when he graduated as an architect, he went to work in a theater, instead of the field of design or construction.
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Talk back to me: is integrity an issue if I pay someone a lower wage than others?


I’m hoping you may have time to address this question: I have been using the “Cancel That” exercise. 1

Realizing that I have not had hardly any integrity in my life has been mind blowing, by the way.

Ok, my question is: in the course of doing business, is integrity an issue if I pay someone a lower wage (consensually) for a service that others are being paid higher wages to do the same service? Thank you for any input you may have.


Integrity is an inside job. No social or moral obligations are relevant when we look if there is integrity in a behavior. No one can tell you anything about your integrity.

Integrity is an issue between you and you.
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