Taking you from smart to intelligent…

not very smart but very intelligentTaking you from smart to intelligent…

OK, my intention is to teach you to become intelligent… Lots of people will teach you stuff that is going to help you to regurgitate stuff, look good and smart to others, but is otherwise useless… for life.

So I am really only interested in making you intelligent. And so that you know: intelligence is 70% physical, and only 30% mental. You don’t learn it through mental means: you learn it through being in intimate touch with your physical self, and I am not talking about muscles, and athleticity, I am talking about everything physical, including all the senses, hearing, seeing, smelling, tasting and touching.

OK, after this preamble, we can start… Continue reading “Taking you from smart to intelligent…”

Stone Soup: the fairy tale. Case studies galore

stone soupCapacities, distinctions, intelligence, and success in life: there is a strong correlation. The Stone Soup fairy tale is an excellent teaching story.

Let’s start with debunking the current world view, that intelligence is inborn. We are all born tabula raza… a blank slate.

Your intelligence depends on the number of large chunks, neural connections permanently formed in your brain firing together automatically. Those chunks are created in learning. Not learning about… no, actual learning a skill to unconscious competence.  Driving a vehicle is unconscious competence for most. Reading and comprehending? not so much. Continue reading “Stone Soup: the fairy tale. Case studies galore”

Why is it that the intelligent person has questions, and the ignorant has answers?

complex problemsWhy is it that the intelligent person has questions, and the ignorant has answers?

The other day, on my Sunday call I talked about my next house neighbors who are both PhD students at prestigious Syracuse University. Mike, the guy I talk to every Sunday asked the question: But are they street smart?

It’s not a bad question apart from the fact that it has an agenda as loaded as a rocket launcher… My friend Mike in not educated. And obviously he thinks he is street smart, or he wouldn’t have asked the question.

When I talk about intelligent people asking lots of questions: that question wasn’t one of those… or not really. Continue reading “Why is it that the intelligent person has questions, and the ignorant has answers?”

We all have moments of brilliance

follyIt only takes one slow-walking person in the grocery store to destroy the illusion that you’re a nice person. And it only takes one ugly mistake to destroy the illusion that you are smart…

In preparation to my What’s the truth about you workshop this morning, I have been looking how to have the conversation about your delusions about who you are, how you are, and your abilities.

It’s a touchy issue… in fact 80% of humanity think themselves smarter than average, and smarter than they are. The remaining 16% don’t ever think about that or anything else, 4% think themselves less smart than they are. Continue reading “We all have moments of brilliance”

The 4 stumbling blocks to Intelligence… the empath’s view

Intelligence is what makes you able to

  • navigate the treacherous world of humans,
  • see things for what they are, be able to
  • compare things even if they aren’t in front of you, and
  • find what is more primary and what is secondary so you can do things in order, and lastly accomplish things.

If we look at it with our strait and narrow method, where intelligence is that narrow body of water separating two lands, then any spot we find on land isn’t intelligence, and any spot we find in water is. 1

Intelligence 2 is a number. Numbers are easy to see, easy to compare. I am not talking about IQ, who knows what “they” are measuring… What I am measuring is the full use of your brain and body to live the good life, health, wealth, love and fulfillment.

The number shows to what degree you can create and live the good life for yourself. And this article will attempt to point to the missing at the root level… so you can start there, instead of where all those books and articles out there tell you to start. So you can succeed.

Here are the four linchpins that unless they are present, your intelligence is lacking… and you won’t live the good life.

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