The energies, energy remedies are like a cane… the cane helps you go where you are going.

brad-pitt-madonna-cane-gallery__oPtThe energies, energy remedies are like a cane... the cane helps you go where you are going.

  • If you are going to a good place... wonderful.
  • If you are going to a bad place... the cane helped you to get there.

Energy remedies, energy healing, spiritual capacities are support. Supporting you to go where you want to go.

If, in spite of all the energetic support you have received from me, you are still in a bad place, you should look at where you are going.

You cannot blame the cane. You cannot blame it for not taking you where you'd like to be.
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What you value and in what order…

your load... intrinsicallyA lot of why's are answered here... why you can't get well, why you are not happy, etc.

People are the highest value in the universe. Why? Because they are able to be all levels of values, the thinking mind (systemic), the extrinsic (create tools, cook food, provide pleasure), and the intrinsic.

You live, predominantly on one level, and value what is on that level most.

Depending on how closely your valuation matches the valuation that is "godly", or the Original Design, you fulfill the purpose of being human.
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What does it really mean “You must be the change you want to see in the world”?

Today is starting out to be an interesting day.

I am getting thank you emails. And I am getting hate mail.

The hardest thing to see is that in your world you call the shot. Even when you don't know that you are doing that.

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What gives you juice in life? what could give you juice in life? What is your unique way you can enter the flow, the zone at a moment’s notice?

Juiced vs. Driven (Juiced here means: turned on, excited, alive)

The most difficult attitude to take on or even comprehend is "desire for the sake of sharing". The opposite of that is "desire for the self alone".

Why is it so hard? Because... I actually don't know...

I'll kick it around in this article, and let's say if I can say anything that resonates. With you.

Why wouldn't? Well, it hasn't. Not with you, and not with others.

If you are new to my articles: my self-assigned job is to ferret out, test out, experiment out what would take humans back to the evolutionary path they abandoned about 30 thousand years ago. They went deep into the current level of "homo sapiens" you could also call: the man who lives in the cave of their mind.

The alternative was to become human being, but that hasn't happened, and cannot happen through the mind.

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Selfish, selfless, wanting, forcing, pushing on a string…

When you are a value recognizer, you see value, for you, everywhere.

Seeing value, recognizing value, is a very high vibration capacity, and I literally don't know anyone who has it fully open... meaning the DNA capacity.

It's Tuesday, and I had no idea what to write about today. The way it was looking, life was going to be mundane, maybe even boring today...

But I opened my horoscope from Rob Brezsny, and it all changed when I read it. It brought back yesterday, and the whole past month.

VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22): How sexy is it possible for you to be? I'm referring to authentic soul-stirring sexiness, not the contrived, glitzy, counterfeit version. I'm alluding to the irresistible magnetism that wells up in you when you tap in to your core self and summon a reverent devotion to your life's mission. However sexy it is possible for you to be, Virgo, I suggest you unleash that magic in the coming weeks. It's the most reliable strategy for attracting the spiritual experiences and material resources and psychological support you need.

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What the heck is the worth a damn factor, what is yours, and how do you raise it?

My declared purpose is: I work to raise the truth value of people's world view and consequently raise their vibration. This article is, seemingly, not about truth value and not about vibration... it is about your worth a damn factor and your happiness... Seemingly...

Here is a world view that is very frequent, and very deadly for your vibration, and for your inner world of happiness.

The world view of jumping. The world view of binary switch reality.

Yesterday I had a long call with one of my coaching clients.

He is long on desire, and short of ambition.

Almost any bait will get him to a feverish pitch of desire... "hoohoo! I'll make a million bucks!" Like that...
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Bridging… how to inch your way to your dreams

As a rule, I don't have many marker feelings in a day.

A marker feeling is a feeling associated with a set of words... like "you are stupid" and then you feel bad.
Or "you are making a mistake" and you feel fear.

This morning I wanted to work on my presentation on tomorrow's webinar: the remarkable system of getting to a life worth living... or whatever i called it in the email...

So, as it is totally normal, not a single cell of mine wants to do that work. It's normal.

Doing something new, doing something public, upsets the ess... it's not comfortable... it is not what I normally do day in and day out.

Now, if the work were to write an article... none of this would happen. But the webinar format is different... I cannot pause and think between sentences like when I write an article. It has to flow... and there is a fear... A fear of mucking it up. A fear of losing some subscribers. A fear of losing face. A fear of looking bad.

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Blind chicken syndrome part two. There is some serious teaching in this article

In some way I was born to be one of these blind chickens. It takes me conscious and deliberate thought not to close down a looking process, not to jump into a conclusion. It does not happen without deliberate thought.

And when i forget, or I am too tired, or when I am on a roll... god save me from the consequences. My life, my business, my relationships could be twice, three times as good if I had the presence of mind of remembering not to jump into conclusions all the time. 1

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…And I recoil from dirty laundry…

I should be doing some laundry. I have run out of socks... And anyways, I want to tame this beast of not doing my laundry.

I gather a load's worth of stuff, carry it to the washing machine... and the distaste, the disgust is so strong... I take a beeline... and sit down by my computer.

Distaste, eh? Yeah, says muscle test. Disgust? yes. Was it always there? No. Was it from when i was 3? later... from age seven.

What was happening at age seven? I went to school. We had a live-in help: my mother was working on her Masters Degree, coming home around nine every night. My brother was about a year old... and was probably driving the live-in help bonkers.

And I recoil from dirty laundry...

I sit really quietly. The fear joins the distaste. I feel terror. I feel being beaten. Screamed at. Wrapped in wet sheets... Can't breathe...

I must have wet my bed. I don't remember. My body remembers. The fear, the disgust, the gagging.

The body remembers.
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“Either everybody counts or nobody counts”

20 years ago I had my first entrepreneur value profile done.

It was some 30 pages long... a lot of English. But it said something like: I don't work well through others...


A year or two later I got my certification to become a value profile consultant. Then I learned to see all that the 30 page said in English (meaning lots of words) at a glance on a grid.

My starting point measurements is a lot like that grid. It is more meant for the coach/consultant to know how to guide you, than for you to enjoy reading to indulge your delusional self.


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