The 54th invisible dynamic

invisible dynamicWe, humans try to build on ground that has many many layers of invisible dynamic layers underneath. No wonder life is not working for us.

I had a ‘soaring’ dream last night, or more precisely between 5:15 and 7:15 am…

The brain state is delta, and the dream was as vivid as life, and it felt that what I saw can be done.

My memories of my past have holes in them, albeit I can feel the emotion, I just don’t quite know what happened.

I signed up to a master’s program, but the way the schedule went, it was jerky, and for months I didn’t make it to class, and of course I lost my tuition, and felt like a complete dork… when I saw how much my classmates loved it.

Running from one class to the next, always being in a hurry is not conducive to building passion… and passion, curiosity, going deep is what it takes to make someone who has no other reason: to learn. Continue reading “The 54th invisible dynamic”

Invisible dynamic that has your foot nailed to the floor

Do you get fixated on what’s wrong with you? With what’s wrong with the world? With what you want? With what should be?

Fixate or abdicate is the “normal” binary behavior. Neither behavior serves you… it serves the machine.

I woke up this morning with a start. I had a nightmare.

I was in some exam situation where I was slowly losing my ability to grasp anything. I could not follow the instructions, and then in a lecture I didn’t understand a word the instructor, a woman with a southern accent said. Continue reading “Invisible dynamic that has your foot nailed to the floor”