What clued me in that Tinnitus is probably an energetic disturbance, like an energetic attachment?

When I watched that video on the Reddit method… it is an energetic method to disrupt negative energy… I have learned versions of it from a guy who used it as a ski instructor to remove clients’ fear… It works and it’s energetic.

So if that is the case, all the methods out there that are not energetic, claiming to do something with Tinnitus are B.S.

So, with the limited knowledge I have, let me look what I think “energetic disturbance” is.

For one: it is in the invisible realm. So when someone is told: it is all in your head… dismissing them and their complaints, the most likely cause is: energetic disturbance.

  • Tinnitus seems to be only in your head… it isn’t.
  • Fear… irrational fear. Seems to be only in your head… maybe it isn’t.
  • Schizophrenia… seems to be only in your head, though some claim that they can see it in an EEG… but, of course, EEG checks energetic stuff…
  • Many blockages are energetic.

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Fear. Irrational Fear. How to beat it…

Irrational-FearsWhat is the psychological or ontological (being science or the science of being) underpinnings (basis, foundation) of unreasonable, irrational fear 1 we deal with all the time… it makes no sense, there is no real danger, and yet, just the idea of something floods your chest with burning fear. (From the pit of the stomach in a shape of inverted triangle, the other points being the shoulders.)

If you haven’t, please read my article on taking your power back, I am referring to that article, and without reading it first, it won’t make sense what you read. OK?

Let’s look at fear historically: the irrational fear, where you could not see the “enemy,” probably originates with the destructive volcano eruptions, the floods, the darkness, caused by close-flying celestial objects, comets.
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Suck it up?

frozen waterfall... the flow of life is interrupted... let goI used to have clients and friends that their biggest complaint of others was that they wanted them to suck it up.

What does it mean ‘suck it up’? It simply means: “stop complaining, and say “f… it!” and move on.

This seems the hardest thing for humans to do… maybe even harder than summoning the courage to be alone, to read, to stop overeating, or do some “real” work.

I wouldn’t be writing about this, if I hadn’t had a recent run-in with the need to suck it up.

As you may know, I am a new Amazon seller. I am doing that so I don’t have to depend on you, my dear reader, on my livelihood, and that I can tell you the way it is, without sugarcoating it, without trying to make you like me… spend money with me… etc.
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