Updated: You Suck


I wrote this email four years ago… it is a great reminder for me, and it is quite apropos for you. Even though you may not be in marketing, you may not have a sales letter… but you have me, and I could be your Big Kahuna… So here is the email:

You Suck

Some people get lucky.

Most people I know want to avoid a situation where they can look bad. I know I do.

These are the ones that stagnate.

Then some of those people get lucky and get a mentor that pushes them… pushes them to be more, do more, have more…

Sounds good, right? Let me tell you, it sucks. It sucks big time.
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Updated: I Can’t Be Happy Unless…

prayer for messiah, the savior

Here is another example from 2011 for unless (or-ness)… the distinction I’d like to teach you, so far quite unsuccessfully. Why? Because it is really simple, but really hard… and I am not quite able to express myself clearly yet… I am getting there, promise.

Here is the article from 2011.

unlessI caught myself, red handed, up to my chin in misery, wallowing… yuck.

I had been depressed for two straight days. It wasn’t someone else’s feeling, it was mine alright. It sucks. I mean, literally, it sucked me dry, took away my aliveness…

Yesterday I regretted that last week when I had a chance to get off the planet I didn’t go. Today I started to contemplate jumping off from some high place…
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