Prison break! or a battle cry that wakes the spirit

A battle cry is a saying…

Joel Salatin had a lot of sayings. That was the first thing Tai Lopez noticed about him.

One of his sayings is: I want just one thing from my people: ‘no mistakes‘.

Or here is another: The worst thing in life is to get older and realize you got good at the wrong thing.

I also have a lot of sayings… One of them is ‘it is all in a day’s workContinue reading “Prison break! or a battle cry that wakes the spirit”

It’s all in a day’s work… what does it mean?

3 years oldWhat’s the invisible dynamic that makes “It’s all in a day’s work” so transformative?

I have a different relationship to work than most people.

People at large want to do what they want to do, and don’t want to do what they don’t want to do. An attitude, a behavior, a maturity level of a 3-year old.

It is the level where most people got stuck, and now they are unhappy, because the world doesn’t respect their wishes, their rules, their “right”… so they are angry, pissed, reluctant, belligerent, feel slighted, lazy, stupid, clueless… whatever it takes to avoid playing life at life’s terms.

It’s easier to see it on misbehaving 6 year olds, than on adults… but it’s there. Continue reading “It’s all in a day’s work… what does it mean?”

Guaranteed to make you feel happy: It’s all in a day’s work

It’s all in a day’s work

Of all the things I have ever said to myself, this is the most potent saying.

It has saved me from suffering, it has saved me from all the nasty feelings that plague humans nowadays: belligerence, entitledness, feeling slighted, frustration, anger, laziness, yearning, wanting, and more.

How? Why? Continue reading “Guaranteed to make you feel happy: It’s all in a day’s work”

Holographic reading: the secret of billionaires…

Holographic learning: the only learning that can take you to human being level

So holographic learning is based on a hologram.

A hologram is generated from a pattern on a disk (I think). Even a small fragment of the disk can generate the whole hologram. But more of the disk, and the hologram will be sharper and will have more details. Continue reading “Holographic reading: the secret of billionaires…”