When life FEELS empty and meaningless…

I love this joke:

This dude goes to his rabbi to find out the secret of living long.

The rabbi says: simple. In the morning get up, do your ablutions, have breakfast, kiss your wife, go to work, after work go home, kiss your wife, eat dinner, watch TV and go to sleep. Do this every day. That is the secret.

Oh, the dude says. And if I do this I will live long?

I don’t know, says the rabbi, but it will feel long.

This is where the laughter of recognition should come in.

The overwhelming experience of a lot of us of loooong days and short weeks is what I am going to look into in today’s article.

Life is empty and meaningless… says Werner Erhard. What he doesn’t say: it doesn’t need to FEEL empty and meaningless… It is up to you. That it IS empty and meaningless is independent of you. But the feelings are up to you. Continue reading “When life FEELS empty and meaningless…”