How many balls, ideas, projects can you keep in the air?

One of the measures in my Starting Point Measurements is how many bits of information, how many balls you can keep in the air at the same time.

Most people can only keep one ball, reliably, in the air. The moment something better, exciting shows up, they drop it… If they start juggling two,they drop both off…

Off course I am not talking about juggling, I am talking about ideas, concepts, distinctions, projects… the kind you hold in your head.

The work we need to do to untangle the tangled wires of our emotions, the 13th, the 14th, and the 15th floor, needs you to be able to see and hold more than one ball in the air.

Even just managing your life to become a successful life, as I suggested, managing it like a business, needs you to juggle quite a few things, and not drop any. If you ARE in business, and it’s not as successful and as interesting as you hoped it was going to be, this is the reason: you drop the balls. Continue reading “How many balls, ideas, projects can you keep in the air?”