What books do I read for fun, and to keep my brain fit?

  1. John Ellsworth
  2. Sheldon Siegel
  3. Paul Levine
  4. Blake Banner
  5. Brett Battles
  6. Michael Leese
  7. Michael C Grumley
  8. Douglas E Richards
  9. Lee Goldberg
  10. Barry Eisler
  11. Eric Bernt
  12. Tim Tigner
  13. Robert Bailey
  14. David Archer
  15. Matthew Iden

In addition to these people, I read every book from JK Rowling aka Robert Galbraith, from Neal Stephenson, and from Michael Connelly. These authors’ books are not free.

I have the kindle version (pirated) for many of these books. Just ask.

If there is a need, I can also list the non-fiction books that I enjoyed… Enjoyment is my main criteria in choosing books.