Meditation: separate yourself from the mind

I have started the Osho meditation series with Day One.

Lots of talk… very meditative for me. Participants complained that there was no meditation.

When you meditate, that doesn’t mean there is silence outside. The silence is inside. When you meditate it doesn’t mean you cannot listen to someone talk: it only means you listen and hear it, but not through the busy mind, that compares, argues, tries to understand, criticizes and judges. No, the mind simply allows it to be, allows it in, in a meditative state.

It is like when you are in the shower. The mind doesn’t argue with every drop of water… and you can get wet without the mind interfering.
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Emotions are like firestorms, they cause incoherence, and are the most manipulated aspects of a human

eft-emotional-guidance-scaleThe best way to examine whether emotions give you a reliable internal guidance system is looking at the flip side of emotions.

In emotional terms, for example, love’s opposite is hate, disgust, being appalled, repelled. But if you look at your emotions, these opposites are right there, right behind the emotion: love… They come together like the front of your hand and the back of your hand. You are in perpetual ambivalence, yoyo-ing back and forth, ups and downs, and incoherence.

Love, the one that vibrates at 525 or so, is not an emotion. Love is a commitment to love.

Love is a commitment to accept another human exactly the way they are and exactly the way they aren’t. Whether they do the right thing, love you back, chew their food with their mouth open, lower back the lid on the toilet, or leave the top off the tooth paste.

Commitment. Not a promise, a commitment.

No ifs, no buts, no conditions.

No action necessary, just acceptance.

No show of love, no giving till it hurts, no nice talk… those are not part of love, they are societal demands.
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How can I tell when you are stuck in your mind… where you have no power?

hugs_428_ndogThe mind was born when language was born. New… compared to the body and its intelligence.

When you live in the mind, you are cut off from the source of your intelligence, and from consciousness.

This means different things to different people… visual, auditory, or the most cut off… the abstract thinker.

When you are kinesthetic… you experience life, the world, through your body, direction means something different to you than others…

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What’s poisoning your life? What’s poisoning your mind?


One of my favorite readers wrote: When I read this: “but there is no book or course available anywhere that asks you to look at what is poisoning your mind and being, what keeps you out of the present moment, what is sucking you dry anywhere…..”, I thought of the book you wanted to write. I thought that maybe you could have a book that addresses this subject, but in your style.
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Is Sophie something special? Has special powers?

Am I special? Do I have special powers?

Why is it that all the sages, mystics, saints didn’t see and therefore didn’t teach what I teach?

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