Updated: Why are there so many fake gurus?

I had an interesting insight today.

Recently a man from Switzerland came to the site, bought some of my energy audios, and even came to a call. Although his vibration was very low, he had interesting ideas, and I was excited to work with him.

Today he wrote me  a “Dear John” email, saying

Sophie, …you probably wondered why I did not attend the seminar yesterday.

when trying to connect, my computer refused the connection. this expresses a change of mind I felt yesterday.

I knew, that this path is not for me. therefore I will sign off , thank you for accepting.

I also thank you for a life-changing week and wish you the very best

I felt grief, pain, sadness, and allowed it to just be there… I felt that this incident is going to take me to a place I hadn’t seen before.

And it did… here is what I saw:

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Pick your battles…

pick-your-battles-feelingsPick your battles… have an organizing principle

A good 20 years ago I had lunch with a famous seminar leader from Landmark. We had a long history, and she shared with me how unhappy she was, and how ready she was to quit leading seminars for Landmark Education.

I was quite dumbfounded… she was the best in the country, the most effective…

She said: “We teach people to be more effective, and many use the technology to be more effectively dupe people, abuse people, exploit people, make the world a worse place than it would be if they were not equipped with what we teach them.”

I didn’t have an answer for her… but I was pondering that myself for the past 20 years.

And this morning I am as close to having an answer as ever…
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