It takes energy to go to the next level, to be happy.

avalanche... great power! It takes energy to go to the next level. It takes energy to be happy.

Where are you leaking energy? Reclaim your energy

I am reading a book by one of my absolute favorite writers, Colin Wilson.

This is the first non-fiction book I read in a month. I have put myself on a Tree-of-Knowledge withdrawal fast. I am breaking the fast with his book. The title is ‘Super Consciousness: In Quest for the Peak ExperienceContinue reading “It takes energy to go to the next level, to be happy.”

Reclaim your power? From what? From who? For what?

I keep on explaining people that the only way to get to a good result is through bad results, failures, but I don’t think I am heard.

It is true for everyone… it is definitely true for me… and I don’t have to like it.

Yesterday we worked on distinguishing misdirecting our power vs leaking our power.

Power is what you have to get things done, to accomplish things.

It is a finite amount, although you can grow it over time… but in any moment what you have available to you is finite. Continue reading “Reclaim your power? From what? From who? For what?”

Master your emotions by mastering the Amish Horse Training Method

If we didn’t have words, we would have no emotions. All emotions come from words… some are yours, some are not…

The Amish Horse Training Method is to be able to hear all the words that create emotions… and hear them in a way, that gives you a choice to honor them or not, depending of the source of the words, the relevance of the words…

The Amish Horse Training Method returns you to the driving seat of your life…

Not surprisingly, for most students the first step towards mastery is mastering their attention. Unless you can control your attention, you are a putz… and are controlled by someone or something, but not you. And for you to be you, you need to call the shot.

The luckier students admit that they have a difficult time sticking with a book… because they can’t pay attention to it, they can’t understand, or they can’t remember what they read. Or the do a narrative, argue with the book, agree, disagree… but have no idea what they actually read. They remember the arguing. Continue reading “Master your emotions by mastering the Amish Horse Training Method”

On Creativity Lost and How I plan To get it all back

This is a video to explain how I experienced a definite reduction in creativity, Life Force, well-being, and what it is that I plan to do to reclaim it.

I also noticed that my eyes have deep dark circles… it all comes from the same place: leaking energy to unimportant places, betraying my Soul’s purpose and not acting on my Divine Assignment.