Are you fully dead or mostly dead/slightly alive? Depression?

The attitude of submission, dutifulness, and the death of individual and the death of joy

Part of the enslavement process that has been going on for thousands of years, you are robbed of your sense of free will, and your joy.

The chicken coop 1 doesn’t want you to enjoy anything… or more precisely, it separates enjoyment as a special thing on special occasions, not your natural state. Same with happiness.

But the truth is: your natural state is joy. Enjoying the body, the movement, breathing, eating, working: everything.

One of my challenges is to re-awaken, to liberate that capacity that society is hellbent to suppress. Continue reading “Are you fully dead or mostly dead/slightly alive? Depression?”

Reframing: State change: Changing your emotional state

Frame: state change. Causing yourself or another to change their emotional state, aka attitude.

The myth of “IS”

One of the invisible tools the memes use, the memes that keep us trapped and unable to take control of our lives is to spew “is” on us.

OK, that was a long sentence. let me see if I can reword it. The memes freeze us into a life where we have no power. It is in the wording. The freezing power comes from the wording.

We have spoken about the having to, needing to, wanting to, and should… these are a group of tools the memes use to rob us of our own power, and render us puppets.

The tool that renders us powerless to change is the improper use of “is”.

  • Whenever you feel you need to change, this meme tool is at work.
  • Whenever you point a blaming finger at yourself, at the world, or at others, this meme tool is at work.
  • It is under learned helplessness. It is under resignation, cynicism, and unless you learn to recognize it, you’ll fight it… like Don Quixote was fighting the windmills. No chance to win.

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Will you evolve? Is it in the cards for you?

This article is about personal evolution… going from where, how, who you are today to a higher level, a higher organization where you can be, have, do more. 1

It’s November 10, and the ground is covered with snow where I live. My hands are cold, I am contemplating putting on my typing gloves: gloves that the tip of the finger is cut off so I can type.

I started to keep my house cold in the winter a few years ago, but went all hogs with it last winter: my thermostat is set to 47 degrees (9 degrees Celsius) day and night, and I have a heating pad under my desk and a heating pad on the wall about two meters from my right shoulder on the wall in my office. I also have a heating pad in the bathroom that I turn on when I plan to take a shower.

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Can you find solutions to your health issues by googling?

let me measure your vibration If you have problems with your hair, your scalp, or with your skin, your teeth, you can research the internet for hours.

And you’ll end up with a serious case of “learned helplessness” where you see that in a field where no one has the answer is all you can do is throw your hands up, or try everything and its opposite. All that knowledge will victimize you…

This could also apply to poor sleep, digestive issues, or lack of energy. Continue reading “Can you find solutions to your health issues by googling?”

The Matrix… one method of the Matrix is confusion…

Just for clarification: the Matrix is the same as the Chicken Coop in the novel, White Tiger…

As a mad scientist, my job is to distinguish the “things” that are in your way of direction, in your way of clarity, and to devise ways for you to go around them or through them. 1

One tool that has proven invaluable is isolation. Isolating what you want to see. Seeing it by itself. So you can see it for what it is, in all its glory…

In nature, to our eyes, things are grouped, things are undifferentiated and solid.

Your language supports that too… everything is the same as everything else, except not always. 2 That is how we see. We don’t see boundaries, we don’t separate out what we want to see, we always see things together. We say: it IS… but there is no “it” and therefore there is no “is”. If we said: It seems that … then we would be closer to reality… but we don’t say that. That would require humility.
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Is the fixed mindset a sign of courage deficiency? Can you turn on courage?

If you can’t measure it it doesn’t exist.

The world’s population is divided. A small part tries to get results through effort, and the large part is trying to sail on their innate abilities alone.

People in both parts have an ego. Ego is normal.

Ego can push you forward, or ego can hold you back.

This is exactly how it works in the two parts of the population.

  1. The people who want to live through effort, learning, challenges use their ego to push them forward.
  2. The other part… hell, they use their ego to get offended from criticism, to hide from challenges, and to make sure they maintain their self-image… whatever it may be.

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Insights are a dime a dozen. Each insight is an opportunity mostly not acted upon

I have noticed that my health number has gone up 10 points, and my hydration went up another 3 points.

I also noticed that maybe I am a little smarter. I see a little more than before.

I have also noticed the same on students, that when their health improves they see more too… so I am not unique this way.

But yet, in spite of the high vibration, certain things scare the crap out of me, sorry for the crude expression… You see, high vibration doesn’t necessarily make you more polished.

So, this afternoon, as I was listening to my 67 step for today, I had an insight. Meaning: I saw something that has far reaching consequences… potentially. 1  Continue reading “Insights are a dime a dozen. Each insight is an opportunity mostly not acted upon”

The crucial difference between being flexible and being floppy, or What is the difference between people who grow and people who don’t?

One of the 67 steps talks about the acquired attitude in life, called by Martin Seligman: Learned Helplessness.

It is a distinction, and it seems that none of my students have even attempted to observe it, identify it, and recognize it… like the color in the color exercise. 1

Because nearly everyone has it, and because it is so important to recognize it, recognize it as a learned behavior, not innate, not natural, not coming from the Tree of Life, I am going to do the work here… as a demonstration of what mastering the color exercise can give you. Continue reading “The crucial difference between being flexible and being floppy, or What is the difference between people who grow and people who don’t?”

What is it that doesn’t allow you to learn that you have been wrong?

The biggest issue is not what you have. The biggest issue is how you use it.

I get a lot of emails. People want better health. People want more money. People want to make a difference. People want to have a higher vibration.

What no one has said to me: I want to know more. I want to see more. I want to grow.

One of my students wrote to me this morning: How must it be to see so clearly the truth of things invisible to others? I wonder.

If I took you on the top of the Empire State building, you would be able to recognize a few landmarks, more if you are from New York.

Vibration, the number, is like the number of floors you are above street level.

But it is not enough to be higher, it is important to see things for what they are.

Actually: what raises your vibration is seeing things for what they are. The more precisely and accurately you see things for what they are, the higher your vibration. Astute is the common name for it.

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On how you are like an ape, and on how you are not like an ape

Will all that intelligence remain dormant?

Osho, who I still consider a mentor, says somewhere that cultivation is wrong.

This is probably the stupidest thing he has ever said.

What is cultivation? Let me explain it with the ape comparison, don’t be offended.

The ape

The ape uses all his faculties in his day to day life.

His brain makes it able to see and recognize things and not others. Causality, that is based on doing things, is weak or not evolved in the ape’s brain. It cannot easily make concerned decisions about things that weren’t part of an ape life for ten thousand generations.
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