Everything begins with your ability to learn

learn from mistakesEverything begins with your ability to learn. Learn from mistakes, yours or others’.

I am not a scientist. I am not a scientist of any science… so take what I say here with a grain of salt…

But in my not so humble opinion what is destroying humanity is the capacity that lifted it from its animal past…

What is that, Sophie? Talking?

No, not talking… it is the capacity to learn from experience, and from the experience of others.

The capacity to learn.

A human, supposedly, is able to learn from failure. From a mistake. Supposedly. Continue reading “Everything begins with your ability to learn”

Updated… or what does Freecell and the Groundhog day have in common?

One of the reasons you don’t grow, is because the nature of time is that it goes one way. Forward. It doesn’t stop, it doesn’t go backwards, and mistakes are mistakes made.

But we, humans, are equipped with a brain that is able to model, replay, and practice, to turn mistakes into learning. Through repetition, or through thought experiments. But either way: being awake… And that is the first thing that’s missing… being awake.

I bet you haven’t taken advantage of that.

One huge insight I had when I realized that the version of Freecell I have on my newer computers is the type where you can undo many steps… or even go back to the beginning and do it again. Continue reading “Updated… or what does Freecell and the Groundhog day have in common?”