The mind is the stupid part of you…

Your mind, your stupid part, has no direct knowledge about reality. It has no concern, no regard to reality... It has in it what the memes have programmed it to have... 1% reality, 99% b.s. And your mind is, therefore, your worst friend. It is killing YOU and it is killing your life... sometimes slowly, sometimes really fast. 1

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From the limited perspective of the human mind… why you make so many mistakes??

Most authors, most gurus, most spiritual/money/prosperity/marketing teachers contributed one distinction to me... if any.

Actually, most didn't... Famous ones, successful ones, amazing ones... nothing. I was left with nothing.

One of these distinctions, by Robert Scheinfeld, is considering that all you see when you look is through the limited perspective of the human mind. The 1%.

But seeing things the only way we can is not the problem. You see what you see. Continue reading "From the limited perspective of the human mind… why you make so many mistakes??"

Updated: Truth value… let’s talk about truth value

beauty-vs-intelligence-23-638During the summer of 1966 I ran into a girl I knew from elementary school. Turns out she applied and was accepted to the same school I was going to start in that September.

We were having a chat. I remember thinking to myself: Compared to her I know everything... why am I going to school?

We both graduated. I am sure she still thinks she knows everything. My experience is that I know less and less as time goes by.

Whether you can identify with my 19 year old person, or my 69 year old person, and to what degree will be important, so jot it down.

This article will attempt to answer truth value.
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What is your level of consciousness, what is your vibrational frequency? How can you tell?

Delusion-of-choice-copy-624x416If you want to be successful, you need to start where you are.

But if you don't know where you are, or mistakenly think you are somewhere else than where you actually are, you will never get to where you want to get to... NEVER.

This includes your knowledge level, your skill level, your experience level, and your level of consciusness or your vibrational frequency.

The only reliable way I know is to tell someone's vibration accurately is to muscle test while truly connected to Source, by a person whose vibration is past ego... on or above the level of unconditional love.

That doesn't mean you can't have clues...So that you can get a ballpark estimate of where you are or where another person is...

Stages of consciousness... metaphor by what can you see, accurately... how much of the context you see, both in time and in width

  • .buried or in a well
  • .in the basement
  • .street level
  • .street level but inside a house
  • .second floor of a building, no windows
  • .second floor of a building, with sound isolating windows.
  • third floor
  • fourth floor
  • .
  • ..lots of floors....
  • penthouse: lookout point.

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How Many Different Ways Does Your Mind Keep You From Hearing What’s Being Said?

How Many Different Ways Do You Know Your Mind Keep You Trapped In A Dead End Loop Of Activity?

I've told you about me, finally, awakening that there is a mosquito invasion in every window of my duplex.

So I've researched for ways to get rid of the mosquitoes that doesn't involve chemicals, doesn't involve flame throwers, and expensive carbon monoxide machines.

One recipe called for brown sugar. I have never bought brown sugar, and I didn't feel good buying a pound of brown sugar for the mosquitoes... but I remembered that I had some black-strap molasses in my kitchen cabinets. After all brown sugar is not perfectly cleaned sugar... mostly they just mix the white sugar with some molasses... I can do that.

The mosquitoes love the molasses. They buzz above them, and then they go too close and the sticky gooey molasses trap them. They move around but can't get out.

This reminds me that we could talk about the morass: the mind's way to keep you trapped in useless servitude so you can't move forward.

Sound useful? Then let's get to it.

Ways the morass traps you

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When the mind takes over perception: you see only what the mind allows you to see

perspective-3This is a four years old article. I am rewriting it to include fixed mindset, the distinction from Carol Dweck's book, Mindset.

When the mind takes over your perception you see what your mind wants to see.

We have all experienced how the mind tricks us into believing that something other than what's happening is happening.

When you are dizzy, sea-sick or drunk: the room seems to be spinning. When someone tells you skinny is good, you start liking skinny. When someone tells you you are ugly, you start seeing ugly.

Here are some examples:

1. You are not allowed to see what your mind doesn't allow you to see...

...this is why Japanese soldiers could not see, till the end, that they were beaten.


More than that: Japanese soldiers enlisted into the Japanese navy, but never considered that they should learn to swim: the option that their vessel would sink never occurred to them: after all their emperor was invincible. They would not even make any moves to get a life preserver when they were under attack: their mind told them that nothing can, nothing could happen to them... and they died by drowning... victims of the mind hiding reality from them.

You are that Japanese soldier, you just don't know it.
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Are you a person or are you a role? Are you a person or are you an ego?

No sense of humor? You just answered the question in the title..

What does it mean about you what you know and what you don't know? or how much you know...

It means nothing about you. And yet we all pretend to know stuff... stuff we don't know. Stuff we can't know.

It is, to me, the most counter intuitive behavior, but I must be a freak, because I would never pretend to know something I don't know.

There must be a mistaken belief that if you know something you are better. Smarter.

This is one of the detrimental results of living on the Tree of Knowledge, where you don't enjoy life, where you don't experience fulfillment, love, happiness, because it is impossible to experience on the Tree of Knowledge. Continue reading "Are you a person or are you a role? Are you a person or are you an ego?"

If you can understand it, it is probably not true, or it is not the whole truth

This is part 2 of the article "The crucial difference between people who are on the top and you"

I will start with a confession: this is new knowledge. I myself have been part of the "not on the top" people...

Let me explain what happened.

About a month ago I read an article that had a list of 20 books that Charlie Munger recommends.

I measured Charlie Munger's overall intelligence at 150. And decided that he probably knows something that I don't. Both Warren Buffet and Bill Gates say that he is the smartest person they know... so who am I to not want to learn from him.

But instead of learning from what he says (you'll see why later in this article), I decided to learn from where he learns from.

We have been doing the same in the 67 steps coaching...

So I promptly ordered four of the books on his book list, and started to read.

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The curse of understanding… Understanding is the booby prize

If I know you well, your relationship to life is mainly through understanding. Which you either have or not.

When you do, you are happy, even though you are just as unsuccessful living well, being fulfilled as you were before.

When you hear something, when you see something, you try to understand it. When people do something, stupid, smart, hurtful, you want to understand why they did it. Don't you?

When you read, you try to understand it.


People who are successful, high achievers, they don't try to understand, they may not understand at all.

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Discouraged often?

My father was never discouraged. Not that he didn't show it... he wasn't discouraged. I remember him having doubts, whether something could work, but not discouraged. 1

So what did he have that most of you don't have?

Let's see first what discourage is on the level of feelings, and feelings dynamics? Because unless we know how a feeling is born, at the end of what process, we have no idea how to counter it.

Discouragement is one of the most harmful feelings you can have, because whenever it happens, it makes you reduce the size of the box you live in... And remember? What we want is grow... bigger box... so discouragement works against what we are up to here.

So here is the inner dynamic:
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