How to get transformed into happy and fulfilled by simply reading my articles?

white lotusIf you look through my site, I have more than 4000 articles. All meaty, full of information, 99.99% Tree of Life... my personal knowledge. 1 All free and all teaching you to have a life worth living, a life you live powerfully.

And I am not afraid to give it all away... but why? Isn't valuable information... valuable?

Why am I not afraid that giving so much for free will mean no one will want to buy my paid information?

Ok, let's look at that.

What you read is falling into your mind and makes you feel smarter, or stupider, and smarter again.

  • Will you ever get what you want from reading? No.
  • Will you get the illusion that the more you know the more chances you have for success? Certainly. The illusion... not the reality.

But here is the issue: 99% chance that what you read (information) falls into your morass. Continue reading "How to get transformed into happy and fulfilled by simply reading my articles?"

You are machine… but not a stupid machine

Transformation is not a walk in the park... Because your machine, as a rule, prevents you from accurately seeing reality

Why? Because the invisible machine causes distortions in your perception of reality. Your machine shapes your interpretations, your meanings, and with your reaction to those, it shapes what other people will do...

This is where we are in the Playground... Continue reading "You are machine… but not a stupid machine"

How will you reclaim your life from the machine… one great way: handle just one feeling!

anchor to doomI wrote this article back in 2012. It talks about one of the most important invisible dynamics of the human condition... your homepage. I am republishing it to give you a fuller picture of this invisible dynamic... so crucial to your future, to your results, to you becoming an expanding human being.

Here is the original article:

I've been trying to teach a new way to connect to Source. It would give you a lot more control over your attention, over your connection, and a lot better results overall.

The difference would be the greatest in the speed with which you would incorporate the activators: instead of having to repeat them 10-20-30 times, just a few repetitions would get you the same amazing results.

I have made, so far, four attempts. Each more disappointing than the next. Continue reading "How will you reclaim your life from the machine… one great way: handle just one feeling!"

What is the 91% linchpin that keeps your foot nailed to the floor? Can you guess?

My job is a lot like tuning a car... but a car that has 160 adjustable parts... like a human... not so easy...

I love the joke about the guy who brings his car to the mechanic because it doesn't work properly. The mechanic opens the hood, listens to the motor running, goes to his toolbox, picks out a big hammer and hits the motor, and voila the noise stops.

Then he writes a bill for $500. 500 dollars? cries the customer? for one hit with the hammer? Oh, you want an itemized bill? No problem. says the mechanic, and writes: hit with a hammer: $1. Knowing where to hit: $499.

I am that mechanic.

All the problems are invisible to the naked eye, maybe even to an X-ray machine! So it's taken me seven years to learn where to hit... $1... learning it, a lifetime of experience and expensive learning: $499.

The sticky part

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A life you love can be built at any age… if you keep some simple rules

house of cards. the bottom card is the linchpinIn search of quick transformation...

This is a long article, first showing what doesn't work, why, and then it takes you to what does...

One of the things about humans is arrogance.

Arrogance is not what you think it is... arrogance is really an attitude where you assume superiority where you have none...

Which is, in an ordered universe... EVERYWHERE.

But you, in your arrogance, ignore that you were born into some already existing order... and you behave like you can do whatever you goddamn want... and expect that it is going to work. 1 Continue reading "A life you love can be built at any age… if you keep some simple rules"

You are convinced that you are smarter than me…

I have been holding off on delivering the promised READING class... Why?

There are so many factors that control how much you can do with the instructions I give you, that it is hard to know what I can teach to make a difference...

When you read my articles, when you listen to me (or to anyone else, by the way!) you think that you got 100%, and you maybe even think that you are smarter than me... OK, it's not a maybe. You think you are smarter than me. And that you know everything. 1

How do I know you think you are smarter than me?

From your questions, from your requests.

Here is what you do that gives it away:

You ask me to muscle test things... but never ask me a question that would bring some clarity into your thinking. What got you where you are is the quality of your knowledge, the quality of your thinking. All within your power... but you accept and ask for no input from me... because, you know, she is just an empath, a tool.

So what makes one smarter than another?

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In life, you have as much room to be, to grow, as your environment grants you

In life, you have as much room to be as your environment grants you.

Room as in elbow room...

The environment you are in, at home, at work, at the pub, at the club, in the community van...

My brother has a lot of room to be when he is with his friends. He is funny, he is smart, maybe even glib... that is the only place anywhere he has some room to be. Maybe he had room to be at work... he is retired now. Everywhere else he is under the "thumb" of someone... under the tyranny of someone. He should be different, do different... never OK, never enough, never the one... except maybe his grandkids? still adoring him... for how long?

I left Hungary to have more room to be someone more than who I felt the environment allowed me there to be.

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Becoming like god where you create with your word.

With regards to the title... I am not suggesting that you become like Jesus... but become like the Creator, who supposedly said: there shall be light... or whatever he said... This Creator created with his word. That is the god I mean...

The main difference between a human and a human being, the next level of human evolution, is an inner difference. Not biological, physical, physiological. Instead a difference in what tells the one and the other to do things, what attitude to have, how to do things.

Humans listen to memes, the voices. Voices that are not the human's friends, voices that have no rhyme and reason, voices that make the human misbehave, and take actions that on the long run make him miserable.

Humans say things, but they don't stick. They violate their own word, human word is cheap. Why? Because a random voice comes around and overwrite it. That's why. Continue reading "Becoming like god where you create with your word."

What should you work on to raise your vibration?

bach flower remedy bottlesYour Bach Profile... a tool for abundance

The first question everyone who actually wants to grow, raise their vibration, and stop being sick, dumb, and poor asks: so what do I do first?

Of course this is a good question... but until this week I really didn't have a reliable answer. I didn't have a good answer. I actually didn't know...

But this week this is opening up, and I have been able to see some answers.

Of course when I have a chance to spend an hour or two with you, I rarely have a problem... but I rarely spend an hour or two with a complete beginner, unless they need a health consultation.

But my newly re-discovered tool, the Bach Profile is proving to be invaluable.
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Are you disappointed with yourself for not being higher minded, and achieving more in life?

be an empty spotFor years I've seen that humans, humanity, are stuck in a place where happiness is impossible, accomplishment is not predictable, and health is touch and go.

I've had big hopes, selfish hopes, that I will be the one to unstuck you.

Lots of other people have this hope... and the hopes remain hopes, because you have a vested interest to keep what keeps you stuck in place? If we knew what keeps you stuck, maybe we could unstuck you.

This article is an attempt to identify that one thing. The linchpin issue.
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