You don’t like me? Want only positive guidance?

I am reading many books, many articles.

They all say that my life could be better, would be better if I just looked at the bright side of things.

But that… looking at only the bright side of things, actually leads to a boring, inauthentic life.

What makes good good is the contrast… No bad? Not looking at it? there suddenly isn’t good either… only boring, dull, dead. And you can’t sleep…

Just listen to 99.99% of the gurus. Their soothing breezy/breathy speaking gives them away. They may have even studied NLP or hypnotic suggestions… And you eat it up… soooo sooothing… must be true! lol

Moreover, if the purpose of life is to become all you can be, to see all you can see, then what helps you most is seeing what is not so great about you. Continue reading “You don’t like me? Want only positive guidance?”