Emotions are like firestorms, they cause incoherence, and are the most manipulated aspects of a human

eft-emotional-guidance-scaleThe best way to examine whether emotions give you a reliable internal guidance system is looking at the flip side of emotions.

In emotional terms, for example, love’s opposite is hate, disgust, being appalled, repelled. But if you look at your emotions, these opposites are right there, right behind the emotion: love… They come together like the front of your hand and the back of your hand. You are in perpetual ambivalence, yoyo-ing back and forth, ups and downs, and incoherence.

Love, the one that vibrates at 525 or so, is not an emotion. Love is a commitment to love.

Love is a commitment to accept another human exactly the way they are and exactly the way they aren’t. Whether they do the right thing, love you back, chew their food with their mouth open, lower back the lid on the toilet, or leave the top off the tooth paste.

Commitment. Not a promise, a commitment.

No ifs, no buts, no conditions.

No action necessary, just acceptance.

No show of love, no giving till it hurts, no nice talk… those are not part of love, they are societal demands.
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Feeling Left out… and you are scrambling or resign…

others bragging make you feeling left out, less, inferiorWhen you become aware of your urges… a feeling that urges you to do something, mostly to relieve a tension, a pain, a fear, you’ll often find this fear of being left out, being left behind.

One of the survival conditions for a human is to belong to a group… or they are dead.

So the need to belong to a group is a very old DNA driven need. I see people all the time whose entire existence is inside that unfulfilled need: people who look different, people who speak differently, people who feel different.

Especially nowadays that minorities are not so minor any more in any country.

Urges, DNA needs make you do self-destructive, self-damaging things. Things that when you watch other people do them, you shake your head. What were they thinking?!

The fear of being left out, the fear of being left behind, the fear of not fitting in has an age associated with it. It’s young. And your behavior to “fix it” will be young too. Ineffective.

As you may know, I am working with a group of people to take them through the “Gate of Heaven” through the Detached capacity taught in the Detached Workshop.

As usual, unexpected snags abound. Whoever said it was going to be easy?!

The issue I am encountering is the ego doing its darned best to prevent the capacity from functioning. It is trying to prevent participants from stepping back, or staying back… out of the mind.

When I observe the gritting its teeth tenacity of the ego, I have a suspicion that the ego is a hireling of society, of the horizontal plane, and the passage will be harder than I thought. Crab bucket.

Everything that is between you and you is becoming active and pulling the participants down.

This article is about what you can do to help me and help yourself to become all you can become, to become a human being.

I used to have it in spades. I used to have no tolerance to a closed door, being inside when children played outside, I wanted to be with them, “me too”.

It looked that people were having fun, and I wanted in. But I didn’t have that much fun, and I got into a lot of troubles, with parents, with school, with my health.

The reason you are so afraid to be left out, because you are afraid to be alone. To meet yourself. To face yourself. To face your emptiness.

So you postpone it by joining in the fun.
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Step by tiny step: raise your consciousness to raise your vibration… the connection is revealed in this article

7 levels of awareness, 7 levels of consciousness, or how to raise your consciousnessWhat needs to change for vibration to rise? Can an energy raise your vibration? Can changing your beliefs change your vibration?

Like with everything, things are best measured when you are at your worst, including your vibration. When the s-h-i-t hits the fan. When someone pushes your buttons. When all your dreams come tumbling down.

Why? Because the rest of the time you are just la-di-da… no challenge. You fancy yourself safe, successful, high vibration, but it all proves to be a pretense when the going gets tough.

Of course, your dramatic mind can make every action feel like the crucial action that your mind depends on… running late, clicking the wrong button, the computer malfunctioning, forgetting something…
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Updated: If your vibration is under 200

Before I let you use any of my products, your purchase needs to get approved by me. Why? Because most people don’t understand that not everything is going to work for them. They like something and they want it… then they will return it because it won’t do what I promised.

All promises are conditional. Just like weight loss products are conditional on your eating and exercising changes… If you don’t keep your end of the deal, the deal is off.

The only part I have control over is your vibration when you make the purchase. If your vibration is under a certain level, the product you bought won’t work for you. That simple…. 1Low vibrational level is also expressed by a lack of intelligence. Most people buy products without asking for their vibration to be measured… And then I have to disappoint them because they can’t have what they ordered. Please don’t be one of those… Get your vibration measured by me for a small donation.

What works for people with a vibration under 200? Or at the minimum 170

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What is a spiritual path? Can a phony teacher take you where you want to go?

dont-be-upset-by-the-results-you-didnt-getWhen people ask for their vibrational measure, often they ask me to suggest a path they could follow to raise their vibration. Most of the time this is simple, they need to take one of the liquid remedies to feel better first. But today I got a request like that, and this person was different from the usual requests. When I connected to her, I connected to empty… hm. I decided to use writing to get clear, and to work through it for myself, I wrote this article.

My path… a look back

I was just like you until a few years ago. I made decisions on what to buy, what to use, what to believe on an emotional basis.

If something sounded good, I wanted it.
If I was suffering from something: frustration, difficulties, pain, or lack of sleep, I was more likely to fall for a solution that sounded a good fit for my suffering.

And, of course, most things didn’t work.

I had a difficult time to trust anything or anyone, but I didn’t trust myself either, so I didn’t actually trust the inner voice that said: wrong way.

I had to get to a point where I could trust myself, or continue to pile up junk in my already crowded life, junk that I wanted, but it didn’t do what it promised to do.
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Low vibration? Here are some clues why that is… Updated

Summary: people don’t understand why their vibration is so low… in spite of all the work they have done on themselves, or the positive outlook they have on life, a life of making a difference, meditation, etc. Here are some of my answers…

  1. You live in and through your mind. You are curious, you ask a lot of questions, you amassed a lot of Tree of Knowledge type knowledge, and you feel secure in the world. You may have even achieved some success… But you are out of touch. Out of touch with your body, out of touch with your emotions, out of touch with reality. You don’t have the capacities of an Expanding Human Being, and you are not interested in becoming one. The price (all that “knowledge) is too much for you.
  2. Everybody is surprised to hear that Canada’s vibration is not friendly to my products, and that people from Canada have lower vibration on average than the rest of the world.

    Canadians themselves are offended… From their point of view, they are the highest vibrating, most friendly, most moral, highly socially conscious people on the planet.
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If you are still waiting for miracles… Unwilling and yet expecting

cat_waiting_for_a_miracleI expect to receive a lot of hate-mail for this article. Why? Because it is not politically correct. Because it tells the brutal truth, naked and ugly as it is. Don’t read if you can’t deal with the truth. You have been warned!

I find that I am afraid. I find that I wish people didn’t read this article. I am afraid of getting killed…. and yet, I am hitting the publish button…

Real Learning is really hard

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