There seems to be a certain order in the Universe.

There is a certain order in the Universe.

I know it looks random and capricious, but it looks that way because of your lack of respect, lack of looking again.

Human nature is to think that what you do in one area, like fixing what you think is wrong, doesn’t effect the whole, and it will be OK.

But human interference in the order of things forces a kind of phenomenon that is a lot like wounds in war… Some are mortal. Continue reading “There seems to be a certain order in the Universe.”

Lack of purpose? lack of meaning? how to find?

One of the things all humans crave is consistency and stability. And, or course, if you live a life outside of a cage, outside of a managed care facility, those are hard to come by.

The only constant in reality is change… constant, maddening change. As soon as you get used to a new thing… the next new thing comes…

And humans don’t adjust well to change, don’t want change, don’t like change.

Don’t do well with change…

One of my students… they may have to move back to California…

I’m flailing with my emotions at the moment and being swept away by the ever changing circumstances of my daily life. I need an anchor. Your input would be great. Thank you.

and another student, not being able to get a job: Continue reading “Lack of purpose? lack of meaning? how to find?”