How does The Sight capacity raise your emotional intelligence?

One of my principles is from the TV ad for the HairClub for Men.

The man talking says, I paraphrase: I so much liked the company that I bought it. I am not only the owner, I am also a client.

I am also not just the teacher but also the student. Not just the owner but also a client.

And, of course, when you are a student, as your status, and use what you are given, recently The Sight, and the Whole Brain Method, you get insights, results, ideas that stun you… Well, they stunned me.

There is a lot of talk about emotional intelligence, the keyword and some images bring a lot of people to my site. They all leave without ever buying anything, ever really learning anything.

Emotional intelligence is rare. It involves looking… and nearly 100% of humanity isn’t looking. Continue reading “How does The Sight capacity raise your emotional intelligence?”